This App Is The Most Helpful App For Residents And Tourists In Dubai

by Jui Nikita
This App Is The Most Helpful App For Residents And Tourists In Dubai

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We are proud to claim that Dubai is the most secure city in the world and it’s on its way to being the happiest city in the world too.

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What Is It?

The Dubai Police App is one of the most helpful apps to have in Dubai as it promotes an efficient, seamless and safe city experience for residents and visitors. The app allows the community members in helping the police to maintain security and reduce crimes. Through the interactive service, the public can report any illegal activity to the police, anonymously. Some of the many important services being offered are fine payments, reporting of traffic accidents and police clearance certificate. All traffic violation fine details are clearly stated clearly on the app.

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What Else?

The app can be put on drive mode which is an intelligent feature displaying an occurred accident location on the map, notifying the driver by voice about an accident ahead on the road. The app has an SOS feature only to be used for emergency situations where the Dubai Policy will be notified immediately and be able to track the location of the device. Users are called to help make Dubai a safe city by sending information about traffic violations on the app. The app can also be used to request night work permits or report bounced cheques.

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