This Dehradun Waterfall Has Healing Properties That Can Rid You Of Diseases

by Shreya Ghosh
This Dehradun Waterfall Has Healing Properties That Can Rid You Of Diseases

India is a country of diverse cultures, heritage, traditions, and many beliefs full of wonderful gifts of nature surrounding the country. Interestingly some natural parts of India sometimes do not work accordingly or logically. Dehradun is home to a pristine waterfall that helps people get rid of diseases according to the locals. This actually defies logic but many people believe the magic of this waterfall in Dehradun. This unbelievable waterfall in Dehradun is ‘Sahastradhara’ and it is one of the most exciting attractions for tourists.

This Waterfall In Dehradun Holds The Power To Cure Your Diseases

Nestled 12 km from Dehradun, the Sahastradhara waterfall is one of the most thrilling gems of Dehradun. The water of the spring is cold and clean and dripping and flowing through caves and limestone flowstones. Surrounded by lush greenery, it holds an ethereal charm of its own. This waterfall attracts a lot of tourists every year and the reason behind this is not only its enchanting beauty but also the advantages of taking a dip here. Tourists from all around visit this waterfall in Dehradun just to take a dip in the water and cure diseases. In fact, it is said that this water does not only help to get rid of physical problems but also heal psychological issues.

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The Sulphur In The Water Helps In Curing Diseases

Locals believe that the water dripping through the limestone flowstones contains sulphur in abundance. The presence of sulphur flowing through the water helps in getting rid of physical ailments and even skin diseases. This is the biggest reason why thousands travel to Dehradun every year and gather around the spring to bathe in it.