This Historical Mountain Pass In The Aravallis Of Rajasthan Has Turmeric-Coloured Soil

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This Historical Mountain Pass In The Aravallis Of Rajasthan Has Turmeric-Coloured Soil

India is known as the most diverse country in the world. From cuisines to languages, cultures, and landscapes, India is simply and beautifully diverse. You will surely find a new dialect at a distance of 10 km, as well as a new variety of colour and shade of soil. Did you hear about the region that has turmeric-coloured soil? Haldighati is a historical mountain pass in the Aravallis of Rajasthan with turmeric-coloured soil. 

Haldighati Has Turmeric-Coloured Soil

Haldighati is a historical mountain pass that is beautifully situated between Khamnore and Balicha village. It connects the two districts, Rajasamand and Pali, in Rajasthan. The pass is only 40 kilometres from Udaipur. If you want to learn about Maharana Pratap’s history, no other region can help you better than Haldighati. The pass gets its name from its turmeric-coloured soil. 

The soil of this pass is known to have brought life to the unforgettable battle known as the Battle of Haldighat. It was fought between Mewar’s king, Maharana Pratap, and the Mughals. This battle is known as one of the bloodiest battles in Indian history. The King did fight a brave war, but his horse Chetak gave up his life for his king, and before dying, he made sure that his master was taken to a safe place. 

turmeric-coloured soil
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Different Reasons Behind The Name

Many people claim that the soil of Haldighati is turmeric-coloured, and that is why it is named so. While many others say that the place got its name because of the cultivation of turmeric in this place. But there are historians who say that this place cultivated a lot of flowers, especially pink roses, and flowers are known as Haldi in Sanskrit. This is how the place got its name. This place’s soil has had blood seep into it, but it has a turmeric hue and a pleasant fragrance.

 If you visit, don’t forget to visit brave Chetak’s tomb, which is only a kilometre away.The tomb memorial is surrounded by gardens. This place also has a museum, which is a must-visit. It charges a very nominal ticket price and has artefacts of Maharana Pratap’s life inside. The saga of the brave horse Chetak and the life story of the brave King of Mewar are displayed in short movies here. 

turmeric-coloured soil
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