This Is How Randeep Hooda Spent The Only ₹1,500 He Had When He Came To Mumbai

Randeep Hooda's first impression of Mumbai was 'Overwhelming'!

by Ankita Mazumdar
This Is How Randeep Hooda Spent The Only ₹1,500 He Had When He Came To Mumbai

On the recent episode of Tere Gully Mein, Randeep Hooda joined our anchor, Arohi Thatte, and explored the lanes of Juhu, Mumbai. We couldn’t help but converse with him about Mumbai and the enthusiastic things it has to offer. Be it a vada pav, a chai ki chuski at Marine Drive or a local train ride, Mumbai remains a city that will surprise you at every step. Apparently, he came to Mumbai with just ₹1,500 in his pocket and then went on to spend most of it in a bar. Let’s find out why.

Randeep Hooda Had ₹1,500 When He Came To Mumbai And Spent Most Of It On

We started our Tere Gully Mein food hopping with Juhu’s Punjab Da Chulah. While both of them enjoyed some aloo pyaaz kulchas and butter garlic kulchas with chutney and onions right off the chulah, we asked Randeep Hooda about how Mumbai treated him as an outsider. As per our team’s research, we found that he only had ₹1,500 with him and someone else booked him a ticket to Mumbai. 

We wanted to know what he did with that ₹1,500 in the city of Mumbai. There is a funny story behind this amount of money as well. Randeep Hooda went on to say, “A lot of it I spent at a bar. That night that I got my first job only to realise that in this industry you get paid much later.” He laughed about it and added that he was broke and actually had nothing on him. We really hope his first paycheck in Mumbai came to him right after his work was done.

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This Was His First Impressions Of Mumbai

Randeep Hooda
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In response, Randeep Hooda went on to share his first impressions of the city and we kind of agree with each and every aspect of the city. He told us, “Overwhelming! The smell, Bombay has a smell of its own and the small roads, humidity and all those things. That’s what I remember.” Being from Haryana, he was bound to say these things. There was a huge contrast between these places, the houses, roads and of course the weather. What were your impressions of Mumbai when you came here for the first time?

Arohi went on to question him about the things that he has now fallen in love with when it comes to Mumbai. This question was also more towards the food of Mumbai. To which Randeep replied that he was more of a homecooked food person. But as he kept on gorging on the yummy and hot kulchas from Punjab Da Chulah, he added that he liked this food place a little too much. Yes, we get it Randeep, you are still a hardcore North Indian food person. That was a very subtle way of answering the obvious. 

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Comment down below if you have moved to the city of dreams to pursue your dream or for any other reason. How did Aamchi Mumbai welcome you?

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