Ticket Checkers At CSMT, Dadar, Kurla & Other 24 Stations To Get Body Cameras! Here’s Why

by Shreya Rathod
Ticket Checkers At CSMT, Dadar, Kurla & Other 24 Stations To Get Body Cameras! Here’s Why

Thousands of commuters travel by the Mumbai local train. While a majority of them travel with tickets, there are many who don’t even bother to buy one! In order to catch these offenders, it is important to appoint ticket checkers at every station to make sure people who board the train have a ticket. Additionally, they are going to receive body cameras!

Ticket Checkers At Mumbai Stations To Get Body Cameras!

mumbai local train ticket checkers
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The Central Railway will start providing body cameras for Ticket Checkers (TCs) at 24 stations in the Mumbai division. This will take place from next week and it will ensure efficient and transparent ticket checking. There are 24 stations in total, including Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT), Thane, Byculla, Kurla, Dadar, Dombivli, Ghatkopar, LTT, and Kalyan.

On the Harbour line, additional stations include Belapur, Panvel, Wadala, Vashi, Nerul, and Koparkhaire. The Central Railway announced in May that TCs would receive 50 body cameras. It only had one camera, though, and the supply of new cameras was delayed. According to an Indian Express report, a railway official stated that the last 49 body cams have finally arrived.

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Why Is There A Need For Body Cams?

mumbai local train ticket checkers
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The TCs will be given plastic transparent cover holders that can be worn around the neck in order to properly carry the body cameras, the official announced. Additionally, the body camera coverings will carry the phrase “You are under camera surveillance” on them to alert commuters to their presence.

This will stop any mistreatment or misconduct with the ticket checkers. Additionally, it would improve responsibility, instil professionalism, and safeguard the reputation of workers while also assisting in the detection of any discrepancy during ticket examination.

Among other characteristics, the body cameras’ high-resolution quality provides excellent night vision. The official stated that these 50 cameras will be distributed to TCs on these 24 stations on a rotating basis and that additional cameras will be purchased based on the reaction.

According to the report, the Mumbai division has collected around ₹14.5 crores from passengers who were travelling without a ticket or with an invalid ticket.

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