Travelling To Europe? These Seemingly Harmless Things Can Put You Into Trouble

by Shrestha Purkayastha
Travelling To Europe? These Seemingly Harmless Things Can Put You Into Trouble

European countries have always had plenty of time to refine their urban planning and public transportation systems. It’s very simple to move about now! Travellers get to see a lot of different things in a short amount of time. Artworks, shopping, famous sites, delectable foods, mediaeval architecture, and relaxation could all be included in one day. When flying from an EU airport, however, you need to be aware of special security regulations when packing and boarding. Because even the tiniest of details may appear to be harmless. However, it may pose as a stumbling block in your otherwise smooth voyage. Here is a revised list for you to memorise as you prepare for your trip to Europe.

1. Liquids

You’ll claim that you’re still conscious of the fact that you’re not carrying water. But, believe us when we say it isn’t everything and everything. Aerosols, beverages, toothpaste, cosmetic creams, and gels must all be carried in a transparent plastic bag in the aircraft cabin. One litre is the maximum capacity, and no container can carry more than 100 ml. Liquid containers with a capacity of more than 100 mL must be checked. Medicines and infant food are exempt from the volume restriction. Did you realise, though, that you are not permitted to transport liquid medications? Also included are toiletries and e-cigarette liquid components. Soups, sauces, and even jellies are examples of food items. So now you know that the problem isn’t simply about liquids!

2. Duty-Free Liquids

Duty-free purchases made at any airport or on any aircraft are allowed to be transported as hand baggage. However, as long as the goods and receipt remain sealed inside the security bag, everything is fine. This is in addition to the red border that was included at the time of purchase. You must wait until you arrive at your ultimate destination to open the security bag. Security personnel may, however, need to open the bag and the bottles for inspection. If this occurs and you have a connecting flight, inform the security officer so that the liquids can be re-sealed in a new security bag. However, that’s a lot!

3. Sharp And Blunt Objects

In the aircraft cabin, no sharp things that could be used as weapons are permitted. These could be commonplace items like corkscrews, knives, and scissors of a specific size. Which items should you pack in your carry-on luggage? The airlines also impose restrictions on the size of cabin luggage and the number of things you are permitted to bring on board. So, before you travel, double-check with your airline. We’ve all heard about the dangers of carrying sharp things. Did it, however, only read blunt objects? Yes, you can only bring objects in your checked baggage that can be used to cause serious injury when hit. Remember, not in your carry-on luggage. Some of the new items include baseball and softball bats, clubs and batons, such as billy clubs, and blackjacks.

4. Explosives and inflammable Items

Explosive goods, such as fireworks or aerosol spray paint, are prohibited in any case. Though you must have been aware of it for some time. Acids, as well as other combustible and poisonous chemicals, are prohibited aboard aeroplanes. They are not permitted to be transported in the cabin or in checked baggage.

5. Weapons, Sports Equipments Or Toy Replicas

Onboard the plane, no weapons of any kind are permitted. You’re probably asking why I’m reminding you of the same thing again. But no, that’s not the end of it! Your luggage will be limited if it contains even toy reproductions of weaponry and ammunition. The toy models may appear to be completely ineffective and painless. You will, however, be stopped for having the same. Did you aware that you can’t bring some sporting equipment with you? Javelin and pole vaults, hang gliders, windsurfing boards, and sails are all included. There could be even more, which is surprising!

Keep the essentials in mind and have a pleasant journey!