Travelling To Finland, The Happiest Country In The World, This Year? Check Curly Tales’s Perfect 8-Day Itinerary!

Cruising to watching the Northern Lights, things and places to not miss when in Finland.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Travelling To Finland, The Happiest Country In The World, This Year? Check Curly Tales’s Perfect 8-Day Itinerary!

Finland – the ‘Land of Thousand Lakes’ and the happiest country in the world is no less than a fairy tale destination! Starting from a breathtaking touchdown to the winter wonderland to experiencing saunas, gorgeous northern lights, riding reindeer and more, this enchanting country should be on your bucket list for this year. Curly Tales along with JeeTravels have curated a perfect itinerary for the ultimate luxurious 8-day trip to Finland. Check out this article and keep reading to secure our exclusive discount code for Finland trips with JeeTravels. Let’s sleigh to Finland’s winter wonderland!

A Memorable Trip To Finland With Curly Tales & JeeTravels

The Nordic magical land of Finland only needs a week or so to cover its pristine and snow-covered places, medieval architecture and so much more. JeeTravels was the best option for helping us cover all the popular cultural, touristy and Instagram-worthy spots with our Finland itinerary. This year, in February, our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani along with her family went to the winter wonderland of Finland with an 8-day Finland itinerary. She celebrated her birthday by sleeping under the stunning northern lights, eating scrumptious food and experiencing the country like never before!

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This Is The Perfect 8-Day Itinerary


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Day 1: Take a flight to the capital of Finland, Helsinki and you will be enthralled by the gorgeous sights while landing! To keep it a bit relaxing, you may take a stroll in the city and enjoy its nightlife.

Day 2: This is an exciting day as you take a cruise ship to Estonia, the least populated country in Europe. Take in the pretty views and extremely chilly winds gushing at your face for almost two hours! Here, you may explore the streets of Tallinn, its capital, and architecture buffs will surely enjoy the mesmerising medieval architecture.

Day 3: Book a flight to Ivalo and then reach Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort which is just 30 minutes away from the airport. Here, you may stay at the iconic Glass Igloos of Saariselkä, Finnish Lapland. Enjoy a romantic night with your love under the stars and breathtaking northern lights from the glass igloo.

Day 4: It’s time to sleigh in the winter wonderland! Play around with the snow, have snowball fights and fulfil your childhood dream of riding a reindeer! You may also glide down the snow-filled landscapes with a snowmobile. Next, if you are adventurous enough, options for a -27 degrees ice bath or a smoked sauna are waiting for you. 


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Day 5: Embark on a three-hour road trip to Rovaniemi and book a table for dinner at the Arctic Snow Hotel. It is a famous hotel purely made out of snow which is also the largest ice hotel in the world!

Day 6: Sail on an Ice Breaker Cruise, where the ship will break the ice and make way for it. At a pitstop, you may walk on thick blankets of ice of the Gulf Of Bothnia! You can even get a chance to float in this super chilled water wearing survival suits.

Day 7: After so many fun and exciting activities, you have to explore the famous Santa Claus Village. Merry Christmas! Because this village celebrates the joy of Christmas all year round. Ho! Ho! Start with a husky ride to eating yummy food to meeting Santa Claus, you get it all.

Day 8: Finally, head back to Helsinki to shop for great apparel, shoes and more. Enjoy one last sauna in Finland and then catch a flight to your home. And the perfect Finland itinerary comes to an end!

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So, what are you waiting for? Sleigh over to the happiest country in the world with your family and have a blast.

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