Trekkers In Arunachal Pradesh Discover A Cave Used During WWII By Allied Forces; Pics Inside

Trekkers discovered a cave used during WWII on a trekking expedition at Longpongka Hill.

by Shreya Ghosh
Trekkers In Arunachal Pradesh Discover A Cave Used During WWII By Allied Forces; Pics Inside

Experiencing adventurous journeys has always been such a beautiful experience. The journey becomes more significant and surreal when it is for a cause. Just recently, some trekkers went ahead on their first-ever trekking expedition on a hill at Thinsa village in Arunachal Pradesh. They completed the thrilling journey following a theme and discovering a cave used back during WWII.

This Group Of Trekkers Discovered A Cave Used During WWII

Taking to Facebook, Khuntik Paul Khusia shared sneak peeks from the group of trekkers’ trekking expedition.

With the theme of “Drug Chodo, Trekking Mai Jodo”, the adventure enthusiasts covered this journey at Longpongka Hill at Thinsa village. To boost and promote tourism in Arunachal Pradesh, they took part in this beautiful initiative. Thinsa village collaborated with the District (Tirap) Tourism Office to organise this grand trekking experience.

Everester Tagit Sorang and Native Routes tour and Travel Khunwang Tangjang led the team of trekkers to enjoy the 2-day adventurous journey on Longpongka Hill. This fascinating expedition began on February 9 and concluded on the next day. Along with promoting tourism in the state and attempting to spread a social message, the group of trekkers led by Tagit Sorang also found something extraordinary.

They discovered a stone cave used during WWII at Longpongka Hill about 2,119 metres high above sea level. It is believed that their discovery was a cave used as a transit camp. Allied Forces used it back during World War II, according to a report by Asianet News. The trekkers clicked pictures and collected information about the camp as well.

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Even Beginners Can Trek On This Scenic Route

Cave Used During WWII
Picture credit- Facebook/ Khuntik Paul Khusia

While sharing many glimpses and details about the trekking expedition on the Longpongka Hill at Thinsa village, Khuntik Paul Khusia also shared that it is a mild trek and perfectly appropriate for beginners as well. He recommended all the adventure buffs out there to enjoy this expedition. This trek takes you on a spectacular journey to witness an untouched paradise of lush greenery and nature’s aura. Overlooking breathtaking views, there are many unexplored natural caves to explore as well.

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When in Arunachal Pradesh, this thrilling trekking expedition looks like a fascinating journey to experience.

Cover Image Courtesy: Facebook/ Khuntik Paul Khusia

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