Truck With Tomatoes Worth ₹21 Lakh Travelling From Karnataka To Rajasthan Goes Missing!

by Shreya Rathod
Truck With Tomatoes Worth ₹21 Lakh Travelling From Karnataka To Rajasthan Goes Missing!

Indian gravies are predominantly made with tomatoes. Its tangy taste and pulpy texture are perfect to make thick gravies to enjoy with naan, paratha, etc. However, with rising tomato prices, this kitchen essential has been disappearing from the market! Recently, a truck full of tomatoes went missing; details here.

A Truck Of Tomatoes Worth ₹21 Lakh Went Missing!

tomatoes truck missing
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Amid rising tomato prices, a truck carrying ₹21 lakh rupees worth of tomatoes, that was heading from Kolar in Karnataka to Jaipur in Rajasthan, has disappeared. According to the authorities, it is impossible to contact either the driver or the vehicle. The truck’s owner is unable to get in touch with the vehicle. In fact, a complaint has been filed at Kolar police station.

The truck driver and his companion are accused by the police of stealing both the truck and the tomatoes it was carrying. To find the missing truck, the police have opened an investigation.

Tomatoes have become a valuable commodity for burglars due to their rising pricing. In several regions of the country, the cost of tomatoes has recently increased to beyond ₹150 per kg. Tomatoes are now more expensive as a result of the market shortage that resulted from this.

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Not The First Incident Of Missing Tomatoes

tomatoes truck missing
Credits: Canva

Tomatoes worth ₹2.7 lakhs were stolen from Karnataka’s Hassan district earlier in July in a similar occurrence. The farmer claimed that they planted tomatoes on two acres, but nothing came up. When tomatoes were grown, they would never mature. They grew this time, but someone stole them the day before yesterday.

He further stated that they worked extremely hard on the farm, yet they received nothing. They started working from 7 in the morning and toiled till 9 in the night. They invested all of their time and resources, yet everything was taken, according to the landowner.

The Indian vegetable supply chain has been interrupted by erratic monsoon rains, which have raised the price of a variety of vegetables. In June, prices reached a seven-month high, per government figures.

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