Types Of People During Home Quarantine

by Gizel Menezes
Types Of People During Home Quarantine

Every few years, there comes an abrupt 8 pm announcement that dramatically alters the course of our life, one way or the other. This time around, we’ve suddenly found so much time on our hands that we don’t really know what to do with it. A paradise for some, the end of the world for others but an anxious time for all; most of us are dealing with the coronavirus lockdown in different ways. So, we at Curly Tales, decided to make some content out of it!

Types Of People During Home Quarantine

Here we bring to you 7 types of people during home quarantine:

1. The One Who Is Thriving On OTT: This person is the one who consumes so much content from all the possible online streaming platforms that they’ve literally run out of things to watch. Rightly termed as binge racers, these people watch an entire season of a TV show within 24 hours of its release. The ‘chill’ in Netflix and Chill does not exist for them, quite literally and even otherwise. The only good thing that can ever come out of these people is the fact that you can depend on them for a suggestion of any new series.

2. The One Who Is Cleaning To Stay Busy: This person has found a new way to cope up with the quarantine trauma – cleaning, and by that I mean, excessive cleaning. While health experts expect a basic level of cleanliness and hygiene from all of us, this person has taken things up a notch – to the advanced level.

3. The One Who Is Restless: This poor restless soul has tried everything from cooking to cleaning to exercising, but one look at the clock and she/he realizes that time is passing slower than ever. At a time when March feels like a decade, and every day feels the same, we can’t really blame this one, right?

4. The One Who Sleeps To Pass Time: This modern-day ‘Kumbhkaran’ has finally found a perfect excuse to indulge in lunatic amounts of sleep. With nothing to do at all, their favorite magic trick to let time pass is to sleep. How I envy these folks!

5. The One Who Is Finding New Hobbies: This person is constantly finding new ways to entertain themselves. However, this person gets bored too easily too. You can find them trying all sorts of weird activities and then getting bored of them eventually too. And the vicious cycle goes on.

6. The One Who Can’t Do Without Traveling: Our very own wanderlust fan, this person is constantly looking at ticket prices and crying themselves to sleep every night. You can catch this person watching old travel videos and reminiscing about her/his good old ache din, which seems like a distant dream now.

7. The One Who Is Killing Time On Social Media: Scrolling Instagram, making memes, nominating people in mindless challenges, playing Instagram bingo and posting images of group video calls, uhh, well, I just described most of us. Lekin, karein toh karein kya!