UAE National Day: 5 Things To Do At Home With Your Loved Ones On The Long Weekend

Celebrating the 52nd UAE National Day with your entire family can be a special affair, so here are some things you can do here!

by Anupriya Mishra
UAE National Day: 5 Things To Do At Home With Your Loved Ones On The Long Weekend

The UAE National Day holidays have been announced and it’s going to be a three-day weekend for private sector employees, which means December 2, 3, and 4 will be a paid holiday. So, you can celebrate the day which, commemorates the formation of the country in 1971. Yes, it marks the day that the six emirates came together to form the UAE and the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah later joined as the seventh Emirate in the following year. Celebrating the 52nd national day with your entire family can be a special affair. In case you’re wondering how you can celebrate this important day at home, we have made a list of things that might be of your interest. Take a look!

Things To Do At Home On UAE National Day

1. Plan A Picnic With Your Family

Arab Picnic
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With everybody having a busy schedule, people can often find it difficult to spend some much-needed time with their loved ones. As a result, picnics are a great way to spend this time with our loved ones, as it involves bonding with them over good home-cooked meals and chilled drinks. Of course, sharing updates about your daily life and good old memories just seem to make it all better.

2. Make Emirati Desserts At Home With Your Loved Ones

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Even though you can order them from outside, there is something absolutely comforting about making desserts with your loved ones. And what better way to overcome this, than by making some Emirati desserts at home? From lugaimat to balaleet, there are many different types of desserts that you can make at home. Or if you want, you can also make some popular Arabic ones, as well, such as Umm Ali and Basbousa.

3. Make The Most Out Of Fantastic Deals For The Day


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There are several fantastic deals that are being offered throughout the UAE. While you can drop by at the restaurant to avail them, there are some brilliant turkey takeaway offers, as well. For instance, some bakeries like Mister Baker are also offering special cakes for celebrating the important day. Moreover, you can also order turkey takeaways that are being offered at several brilliant restaurants around the world in order to ensure you share a great meal with your family.

4. Watch A Movie With Your Family

Movie Watching
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Another great way to spend some time at home with the family is watching a movie together. It could be anything from adventure and horror to something even in the comedy genre. But the reason why it is a great thing to do together with your loved ones is that when you are watching something interesting, you end up bonding, and it just makes for a great way to spend some much-needed time together. Not to mention, you also end up doing something fun without having to exert a lot of energy, thereby making it an easy activity for people of all ages in a family.

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5. Partaking In A Barbecue In The Evening

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Barbecuing is one of the best ways to spend some time together on the UAE National Day. This holds especially true for people who have a wide porch or terrace with ample space, then don’t forget to set up your barbeque grill. While you’re at it, cook up a storm with succulent kebabs, burger patties, and more. After all, it is truly comforting to chomp down on all these delectable dishes, while you cook them together, as a family while you share some funny memories.

So, we have curated a list of things you can do at home with your family on this UAE National Day, go ahead and make plans!

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