Uber Charges Over ₹2K For About 50 KM From Bengaluru Airport; Netizens Recommend Alternatives

Man shared about Uber overcharging him to travel to HSR from the Bengaluru airport.

by Shreya Ghosh
Uber Charges Over ₹2K For About 50 KM From Bengaluru Airport; Netizens Recommend Alternatives

There is no denying that cab services such as Uber have made our travel experiences simpler and much more convenient. Though the changes are more in comparison to public transportation facilities, the journeys are smoother and crowd-free. Sadly, with passing days, the fares are skyrocketing. This time, a man shared his experience of trying to book an Uber from Bengaluru Airport to HSR. The company was charging about ₹2K.

Man’s X Post On Uber Overcharging From Bengaluru Airport Is Simply Shocking

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, 📊 Rajesh Bhattad | theRevOpsGuy (@theRevOpsGuy) shared how Uber was overcharging him while trying to find a cab from the Bengaluru airport.

X user Rajesh Bhattad uploaded a screenshot of Uber mentioning its fare for different cab services and the changes in the charges among all. According to the post, he was looking for a cab from Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru to HSR. The distance between both places is about 40-50 km. It was past midnight when he was using Uber to look for a cab but he was surprised like everyone else to see the extremely overpriced fare.

For Uber Go, the fare was ₹1931.72. It was ₹1,846.48 for Uber Go Sedan. Uber Premier was charging ₹1,846.48 as well. Lastly, uberXL charged the highest among all and it was ₹2,495.52.

It does not really make sense to spend so much for a trip of somewhere between 40 km and 50 km. Responding to the X post, Sid Jain (@TheBengaluruGuy) suggested Rajesh catch any of the airport buses 7 and 7A as these are convenient travel options to travel to HSR from the Bengaluru airport. Rajesh replied that he actually boarded one of these buses and called the experience an “absolute delight”.

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Netizens are making funny comments under the post about the exorbitant Uber fare. Here’s how they are reacting.

Netizens Have Some Alternative Recommendations

People of Bengaluru are suggesting some different travel options from the Bengaluru airport. These options are not only a lot cheaper than what Uber usually asks past midnight but also quite convenient. Some of the recommendations are list of buses and Vayu Vajra.

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Have you ever faced situations where cab services overcharged you?

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ 📊 Rajesh Bhattad | theRevOpsGuy (@theRevOpsGuy) 

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