US Is Gearing Up For Touristy Summers, Airfare, Hotel Rents & Other Expenses Shoot Up

by Shreya Ghosh
US Is Gearing Up For Touristy Summers, Airfare, Hotel Rents & Other Expenses Shoot Up

Americans are all set to spend the most memorable summer holiday this year. With the beginning of the unofficial summer travel season, everyone is super excited to pack their bags and explore beautiful destinations in the US. It is not even summer officially and the tourist footfall is rising in huge numbers here. It is indeed great news that more and more travellers are excited to travel but prices are going to be expensive this summer season.

Summer Holiday In The US To Be All About Massive Tourist Footfall

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Travel restrictions ad lockdowns have been called off everywhere and people are travelling like the pre-pandemic days. The footfall in different airports in the US has reached like the pandemic times, according to a report by Hindustan Times. It is expected that the numbers will exceed in the upcoming Memorial Day on 29 May 2023. As the numbers are so high during the unofficial beginning of the holiday season, it can easily be understood that the numbers will rise during the peak summer travel season.

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With such a huge demand for flight tickets, there are chances of massive crowds and noises inside the airports’ premises. Airlines and airports do not want to experience the massive madness like the last year and they are expecting to be away from any such things this year.

About 37 million Americans are expected to cover a minimum distance of about 50 miles this upcoming weekend, as anticipated by the AAA.

Tourists Will Need To Shell Out A Lot In This Summer Holiday Season

Travellling in America will be expensive this summer season. Tourists are a bit worried about the massive expenses coming on the way. The flight tickets are high-cost and the same condition is for accommodation facilities as well.  To deal with the rise in costs and also travel at the same time, they are on the lookout for things that can help them with saving some money from the vacation.

According to STR, the average cost of booking a hotel in the US was $157 last week. The average cost was $150 at this time during the previous year.

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Many visitors are thinking of changing their holiday plans. While travelling to more destinations was on their bucket list for this summer holiday season, they are planning to take only some holidays. Another option to save some money is ditching flight tickets. Many are planning to travel to their destinations by road.

What are your plans for this summer season?

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