Video Shows Tiger Roaring At Safari Jeep In Jim Corbet, Internet Starts Debate On How Humans Are Disturbing Jungle Life

In a now-viral video on Instagram, a tiger in Jim Corbett was seen emerging from the bushes where spotted a jeep and roared at the safari-goers.

by Tashika Tyagi
Video Shows Tiger Roaring At Safari Jeep In Jim Corbet, Internet Starts Debate On How Humans Are Disturbing Jungle Life

When we plan a jungle safari, we hope to spot wild animals, especially big ones like tigers, lions, rhinoceroses, and elephants. However, what we don’t wish to encounter is the fearsome side of these wild creatures. Well, in a frightening video that is going viral on social media, a tiger is seen roaring at a safari jeep parked in Jim Corbett. The tiger’s reaction has sparked a debate online about how humans are interfering in animal life and disturbing their ecosystem with such activities.

In The Mighty Jungle, When The Tiger Roars…


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Jim Corbett is one of the most popular national parks in North India, especially if you’re a nature enthusiast. One of the most popular activities here is the jungle safari. People usually go on a safari to spot tigers in Jim Corbett. However, this activity turned into a bone-chilling encounter for a group of people that they’ll remember forever. In a video shared on Instagram by Joju Wildjunket, a tiger is seen jumping out of the bushes and roaring fiercely at the jeep carrying a bunch of tourists.

The safari jeep was parked in the Garjia zone of Jim Corbett and waiting for the nearby tiger. When the tiger finally emerged, it wasn’t as calm as you’d usually expect from tigers in this reserve. According to the post, it roared so ferociously at the humans that it sent “shivers through the air.”

As per the caption on the now-viral video, “The air was thick with tension as the Gypsy cautiously retreated, witnessing the untamed beauty of the wild in a thrilling encounter.”

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Internet Reacts To The Viral Video Of Scared Tourists In Jim Corbett

tiger jim corbett
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The video, besides terrifying us with its ferocity, has also sparked a debate online about how humans are disturbing the animal ecosystem. Jungle safaris tend to scare the animals into hiding and agitate them, which leads to such encounters. So, here are some comments from the video that you cannot miss about the tiger spotted in Jim Corbett.


Some were amazed by the tiger’s reaction while some expressed serious concern about the growing number of people visiting animal reserves for vacation.

And as always, the internet always finds something fun even in the most scary situations!


How would you have reacted had you been in that jeep? Fill us in with your reactions!

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