Have A Whale Of A Time In Hawaii

by Natasha Monteiro
Have A Whale Of A Time In Hawaii

Warning: This write-up is going to be filled with lots of rather terrible puns and we assure you its whale worth your time. (Gotchya!)

If there’s one thing that you have to add to your bucket list – it’s whale watching in Maui Islands, Hawaii. Granted the three flights, 52 travel hours and plenty of time-zone changes can get over-whaleming (gotchya again) but watching 40 tonnes of sheer grace jumping out of the water makes it totally worth it.

Here’s proof!

A magnificent Humpback Whale jumps out of the ocean

The Best Time To Visit

The best time to head to Hawaii would be during the whale mating scene which runs from December to May. The climate in Hawaii is perfect for a tropical beach vacation and you get presented with the majestic site of watching the whales frolic in the water. Over 10,000 humpback whales travel all the way from Alaska to the warm waters of Hawaii to mate and give birth which makes not spotting a whale virtually impossible.

What’s the Best Spot?

It’s pretty easy to spot a whale in Hawaii but your best bet is to head to the Au’au Channel, located between Maui Islands and Lanai. It has a depth of only 77 metres which makes it the perfect place to spot one of these gentle giants. So get your cameras, scan the horizon and lo and behold, you’re bound to witness one of these mammoth beauties jumping into the air and land with an almighty splash!

A whale waves goodbye against the setting sun

How to Pick a Whale Watching Tour at Maui Island?

There are loads and loads of options when it comes to whale watching. You can get a detailed 4 hour tour wherein the guides will take you through the entire life cycle of a humpback whale, show you the battle scars of two males competing for a female’s attention and a lot more. This is great for those looking for plenty of information and a tour that’s entirely dedicated to the whales.

The sunset tour is just as spectacular. While it’s not as informative, watching the silhouette of a whale against a setting sun is a memory you will take to your grave. The sunsets in Hawaii are particularly spectacular and I’d highly recommend one of these.

There are tours which include whale watching and island hopping. Most of these tours come with barbecues and a taste of the local cuisine. These trips are loads of fun too and while they don’t particularly focus on the whale watching, you’ll inevitably come across at least three whales as you move from one island to another.


Waters so blue, takes away your blues

What Else Can I do There?

Maui Islands is ecologically blessed. There are tons and tons of things to do in Maui. You can go island hopping, trekking, visit the local ocean centre, actually touch sea cucumbers, visit the oldest tree on the island, eat till you drop, scuba, snorkel, swim with the turtles and also indulge in loads and loads of shopping.

Rent a car! Drive around because every turn in Maui is a scenic spot. You can’t go wrong there. If you’d like a bit of adventure get on top of a volcano. Haleakala towers a magnificent 10,023 feet above Maui Islands. You can trek, bike or just go with a tour and get a comfy car to take you there.

Head over to Old Lahaina Luau for an authentic Hawaiian meal which includes the delicious taro. Most of the ingredients are grown in the property itself. The place is a cultural delight and reflects Hawaii in its true essence.

Fun Fact

Did you know which famous movie of all times was shot in the lush jungles of Maui?
The Jurassic park

What Else?

1. Indulge yourself into some Yoga on the rocks, (on the rocks, is always fun!)

Yoga on the rocks? Yes Please!

2. Meanwhile you can also watch the beautiful Hawaiin dancers perform at the Lau. Oh dear lord, it is a sight to watch, such pretty pretty people full of energy and peppy music. 


Hawaiian dancers performing at the Lau


All’s whale that end whale (ah! it had to be done!)

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