While UAE Is The Best Country For Expats, Dubai Snags The Top Golfing Destination Spot Too!

by Anupriya Mishra
While UAE Is The Best Country For Expats, Dubai Snags The Top Golfing Destination Spot Too!

Golf is often referred to as a rich man’s sport, as it has been enjoyed only by a select few elites for a pass time throughout history. A leisurely sport, golfing is not just about the game, it’s an experience in itself. And Dubai has been named the top golfing destination for 2023 by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators. Recognised as one of the top five golfing destinations for the year, here’s everything you need to know about this fantastic development.

Dubai Snags Top Spot For Golfing Destination

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International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) members span five continents and vote for destinations and businesses that offer a great experience for golf travellers. They came together for this in 2022 and as a result, Dubai emerged on top for 2023. Yes, at the 22nd annual IAGTO award, Dubai emerged on top of the five chosen destinations for 2023. Cyprus, Los Cabos, South Carolina, and Thailand, were the other four destinations holding top positions.


Dubai top Golf
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It is worth noting that this award was established in 2001 and it happens to be one of the most prestigious awards in the global golf tourism industry. Additionally, the 2023 edition of the IAGTO Award doesn’t just celebrate the golfing destinations. It also lauds the exquisite services provided by 60 receptive operators and tourist boards in 22 countries. As it happens, IAGTO golf tour operators handle approximately 90% of international golf vacation sales worldwide, so it makes sense that they have access to ample data to draw a sound decision regarding such awards.

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UAE Becomes Best Country For Expats

Dubai Golf
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This exciting piece of news comes after UAE was declared the best country in the world for expat lifestyles, salaries, and families. This conclusion was drawn on the basis of a survey which highlighted the motivations and challenges of people, who decide to move abroad. While lifestyle was a prime motivation for 36% of those who responded. Expat life in the UAE was also rated most favourably as compared to other markets. So, this included an increase in earnings at 36%, family stability at 34%, making money go further at 37%, and the option of living in a more sustainable environment at 30%.

These rounds of developments are early enough to make all your awesome Emiratis proud of the nation, aren’t they?

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