With 16 Long Weekends In 2024, Travel Plans Banalo In Advance; List Of Holidays Inside

2024 is arriving soon! And here is a list of long weekends in the new year which will help you make travel plans!

by Shreya Rathod
With 16 Long Weekends In 2024, Travel Plans Banalo In Advance; List Of Holidays Inside

With just one month to go, 2024 is almost here! And just like your New Year resolutions, you have to make a travel list ready. We have searched the 2024 calendar and here is a list of long weekends so you can fulfil your travel expeditions.

Full List Of Long Weekend Days In 2024

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2024 is starting with a bang as there are 3 weekends in the month!

1. Jan 1: Starting with New Year celebrations, you have holidays on Dec 30 & 31. But you can take a day off on Jan 2, which makes it a 4-day weekend.

2. Jan 13: There is a holiday on Jan 13, 14, 15 and 17 and by taking a day off on Jan 16 you can have a 5-day long weekend.

3. Jan 26: Republic Day on Jan 26 is followed by Saturday and Sunday which is another weekend of the month.


1. Feb 19: In this month, there is just one weekend starting on Feb 17, 18 and 19 (Shivaji Jayanti). You can enjoy going to any nearby place to enjoy your weekend.


There are 3 long weekends:

1. March 8: March 8 is Maha Shivratri and March 9 and 10 are Saturday and Sunday.

2. March 25: March 23 and 24 are Saturday and Sunday while March 25 is Holi. You can extend your holiday by taking Tuesday off.

3. March 29: March 29 is Good Friday while March 30 and 31 are Saturday and Sunday.

Plan a vacation on these dates to somewhere pleasant!


1. May 23: There is one long weekend which starts on May 23 (Buddha Purnima). You can take Friday off and enjoy your long weekend. In May, school students have vacation and that calls for vacation at kid-friendly destinations.


1. June 17: There is only one weekend in the month with June 15 and 16 being Saturday and Sunday and June 17 (Monday) being Bakri Id.


Long weekends in the month:

With Ganesh Chaturthi and other holidays, there are long weekends in August.

1. Aug 15: The first weekend is from Aug 15 (Independence Day), 17 (Saturday), 18 (Sunday) and 19 (Raksha Bandhan). You can take Aug 16, which is Friday.

2. Aug 26: Another weekend is from Aug 24 and 25 (Saturday & Sunday) and Aug 26 (Janmashtami).


You can enjoy 2 weekends in September.

1. Sep 6: Take off on Sep 6 (Friday) as Sep 7 and 8 are Saturday and Sunday.

2. Sep 16: Sep 14 and 15 are Saturday and Sunday and Sep 16 is Id-e-Milad.


There is only one long weekend in the month of October.

1. Oct 12: Long weekend dates: Oct 10 (Maha Saptami), 11 (Maha Ashtami), 12 (Dussehra) and 13 (Sunday).


In November, you can enjoy holidays on:

1. Nov 2: Start your November with a long weekend by taking off on Nov 1 (Friday) as Nov 2 and 3 are Saturday and Sunday and Govardhan Puja and Bhai Duj.

2. Nov 15: Nov 15 (Guru Nanak Jayanti), 16 (Saturday) and 17 (Sunday) is another weekend of November.

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Please note that these holidays are tentative and can change accordingly.

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