With Open-Fire Kitchens & Chef Amninder Sandhu’s Culinary Tales, Bawri Has Come To Mumbai

As the sun sets over the city's skyline, Bawri BKC emerges—a symphony of scents, tastes, and cultural resonance.

by Mallika Khurana
With Open-Fire Kitchens & Chef Amninder Sandhu’s Culinary Tales, Bawri Has Come To Mumbai

In the vibrant tapestry of Mumbai’s culinary scene, a new chapter unfolds with the arrival of Bawri in the bustling heart of BKC. After a triumphant journey in the sun-soaked haven of Goa, the anticipation crescendos as this oasis of traditional Indian culinary heritage sets its second anchor in the maximum city.

Step Into Mumbai’s Gastronomic Oasis

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Chef-Partner Amninder Sandhu, the heartbeat behind Bawri’s essence, encapsulates the spirit, remarking, “Bawri is an extension of my being.” With an unwavering commitment to reviving forgotten traditions and infusing warmth reminiscent of familial embraces, Bawri transcends mere dining; it’s an immersion into cherished rituals and heartfelt nostalgia. Founder Sahil Sambhi’s vision amplifies Bawri’s essence, celebrating unembellished Indian gastronomy. For Sahil, the choice of BKC wasn’t luck but an intentional move to fill the void for authentic yet casual Indian dining in the city’s financial hub. 

The architectural canvas of Bawri BKC mirrors meticulous thought, with its tall ceilings, inviting interiors, and crowning glory—an awe-inspiring step-inspired wall—a signature emblem for this gastronomic haven. Stepping here is like stepping into a realm where design intertwines with culture. Muninder Chowdhary and Vishakha Chowdhary have crafted a 130-cover opus, marrying indigenous materials and textures that resonate with India’s soul. The space certainly breathes with a seamless fusion of indoor and outdoor allure. The glass facade here blurs boundaries, inviting guests to witness culinary artistry in the open-fire kitchen.

Bawri BKC’s Heirloom Recipes And Soulful Culinary Stories Await

The menu is a memoir of Chef Amninder’s journey, a collection of heirloom recipes and flavours hailing from her roots in Punjab, North East India, and rural expeditions. A commitment to wholesome, nutritious cuisine, prepared with seed-free oils and ethically sourced produce, echoes in every dish. The culinary experience at Bawri is a celebration of flavours and textures, echoing the diverse culinary landscape of India. 

Our Managing Editor, Rachna Srivastava, went for an exclusive preview and found the food amazing. She shared, “I really loved the ambience and the music that complements and adds to the whole Bawri experience. I am absolutely in love with the Kakori Kebabs. The Kovalam Lobster with Chotu Uttapam is like Indianised tacos, but only better; it sits very well on the palate. Bawri Jamun is another delight that I loved. It was all things indulgent. Chef Amninder has made Bawri stand out from the rest of the new restaurants opening in the city. In terms of food, it is simple yet so flavourful and wholesome. I have been hearing rave reviews of Bawri Goa and Bawri Mumbai lived up to the hype. The restaurant is a welcome change in the city’s foodscape, and I can see this place teeming with patrons to have the same experience. You will certainly go there for the food but stay for the ambience and the apnapan it showers you with.”

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Heritage-Inspired Feasts At Bawri Mumbai


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Inspired by India’s indigenous fruits and centuries-old infusion techniques, the cocktail menu curated by Tim Etherington-Judge tantalizes with intriguing blends like Amla Ki and Star Sour, elevating the dining experience. At Bawri, the finale isn’t just a dessert; it’s a culmination of memories. Indulge in the colossal Bawri Jamun or the nostalgia-laden malai kulfi sandwich, a testament to Chef Amninder’s passion for quintessential Indian mithai.

The inviting ritual of rose petal showers and the copper-hammered surai for handwashing beckons you to relish the meal in true Indian style—by eating with your hands. Bawri, in essence, is an invitation to rediscover India’s culinary soul. Amidst the chic interiors and the tantalising flavours, it’s also a celebration of authenticity.

Welcome to Bawri BKC, where every dish tells a story and every moment resonates with heartfelt nostalgia.

Where: Bawri, Shop No. 5, Ground Floor, INS Tower, G Block, BKC, Mumbai
When: 12 pm to 3:30 pm & 7 pm to 1:30 am

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