Woman & Cab Driver Argue Over ₹5; Netizens Call It Nothing Short Of A Bigg Boss Fight

A clip of a passenger and a cab driver arguing about extra pay is going viral on the Internet.

by Shreya Ghosh
Woman & Cab Driver Argue Over ₹5; Netizens Call It Nothing Short Of A Bigg Boss Fight

We often come across videos and incidents of passengers facing inconveniences circulating on social media platforms. This time, we found a video of a cab driver and a woman passenger having a severe argument after the driver asked for extra pay. The clip going viral online has been captured by the woman sitting behind. The argument worsened after the driver began shouting in this footage.

Woman Got Into A Verbal Argument With An inDrive Cab Driver

Taking to Instagram, lafdavlog (@lafdavlog) shared the clip of this much-talked-about incident. The disagreement began after the cab driver asked for an extra pay of ₹5 from the passenger.


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The video began with the woman asking why would she have to pay ₹100 when the actual fare for her ride was ₹95. Seeing her recording the conversation, the driver got alerted and began shouting. He raised his voice and the argument intensified between them. The heated discussion started due to the drop location and the map displayed.

The cab driver specified how the passenger would need to pay an additional amount if she wished to travel an extra distance. In a part of the video, we can hear him mentioning dropping her at the mentioned destination on the app but she asked to drop her at another place in the same vicinity. While the woman began shouting at the driver for asking about extra pay of ₹5, the driver said, “Gari extra chalegi toh, extra paisa lagega” (if the car travels extra, you will need to pay extra money).

The verbal clash and disagreement between the woman and the passenger only worsened in this viral video. They began raising their voices louder as the discussion continued. Though the driver tried to make the woman understand the issue, he lost his calm and started arguing loudly as well. Till the end of the clip, there was no solution to the argument.

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Netizens Have Contrasting Reactions

Picture credit- Instagram/ lafdavlog (@lafdavlog)

The video is making rounds on the Internet and getting more views every other day. Internet users have some mixed reactions to this viral footage shared on Instagram. While some believe that the driver could have been polite in handling and resolving the incident, others feel that the woman should not have argued like this for an additional charge of as little as only ₹5. Many Netizens have pointed out how cab drivers are getting disobedient and try to charge extra fare from passengers.

Instagrammers point out the inappropriate behaviour displayed here. The heated argument turned quite harsh in this viral footage and this raised concerns for the woman’s safety among many Netizens.

A comment read, “Not about money but about inappropriate behaviour”. Someone commented, “Lagta hain Big boss dekhte hain dono 😂”. An Instagrammer wrote, “These drivers usually overcharge and some even somehow change prices on the app and start a fight. If it was a normal auto or cab this would have been okay but when people use cabs and get a fixed price, isn’t it unfair that you pay extra just to satisfy someone’s greed?”

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What do you think of this conversation? Who do you think is right here, the driver or the woman passenger?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ lafdavlog (@lafdavlog)

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