X User Posts About Booking Pune-Bengaluru Flight For ₹3,500 & Uber For ₹2,000; Internet Say, “That’s Bengaluru For You!”

A woman took to X (formerly Twitter) to share how her cab ride from Bengaluru airport to home cost her ₹2,000, after flying from Pune for ₹3,500.

by Tashika Tyagi
X User Posts About Booking Pune-Bengaluru Flight For ₹3,500 & Uber For ₹2,000; Internet Say, “That’s Bengaluru For You!”

Surcharged cab prices are nothing new. From peak-hour surcharges to late-night service surcharges, cab companies have it all! However, how would you feel if your cab fare costs more than half of the airfare while travelling back from the airport? Well, that’s exactly what happened with a woman who was flying from Pune to Bengaluru. She took to X (formerly Twitter) to share how her flight cost her ₹3,500, while her Uber from the Bengaluru airport to home cost her ₹2,000!

When Uber Ride In Bengaluru Costed More Than Half The Flight Price

We usually think that air travel is expensive. But after seeing @manasvisharmaaa post on X (formerly Twitter), it seems like cab rides can give them tough competition. In a now-viral post, @manasvisharmaaa shared a screenshot from her Uber app that showed her cab fare of ₹2,005 from Bengaluru Airport to her home. In her post, she mentioned that her Pune to Bengaluru flight accounted for ₹3,500. This basically means that her cab fare is more than half of her air ticket cost!

She wrote in her post, “I booked a flight for 3.5k from Pune to Bangalore. And then, a cab for 2k from Bangalore airport to my home.” She also tagged Uber’s official X handle in the post.

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Internet Reacts To Woman’s Post About High Bengaluru Cab Fare

Bengaluru airport Uber
Image Courtesy: Canva & X/@manasvisharmaaa

The Internet, of course, had a lot to say about these atrocious surcharged fares by Uber. There were more than a thousand comments on these posts. Many people shared similar incidents while some gave alternatives that one can use in Bengaluru.

Let the Bengaluru bashing begin!

There were some suggestions in the comments as well.

These cab prices are really making our mind boggle! Let us know your thoughts on these surcharged prices by app-based cab platforms in the comments!

Cover Image Courtesy: ET Auto & X/@manasvisharmaaa

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