You Can Fly Drones Legally In India From December 2018

by Kritika Kukreja
You Can Fly Drones Legally In India From December 2018

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Drone enthusiasts, the Ministry Of Civil Aviation will finally enable the commercial use of drones in India by 1st December. 

What Is It?

Drone operators in the country can finally use it for commercial purposes by December 2018. According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), there are regulations to fly drones in India but once the initial regulations are cleared, it should be easy to ‘take off’ (pun intended!).

For all drones, some regulations remain the same including only day time flying and not above the height of 400ft. If the drone is about the pass through Indian airspace, a prior alert has to be given so the Indian airspace can give clearance.

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All commercial drones will be placed into categories as per the weight.
1. Nano – <250 gms
2. Micro – 250 gms to 2 kg
3. Small – 2 kg to 25 kg
4. Medium – 25 kg to 150 kg
5. Large – >150 kg


A platform known as Digital Sky will be monitoring all drone activity happening in India via traffic signal cameras etc. Every drone user has to be registered on this app before launching their drones. The permission will be granted to you through an automated reply on the app but you will have to alert the app before each flight (except nano category flights).Once approved, your drones will be given a unique identification pin except those flying below 50ft for any category and those flying below 200ft from the micro category.

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Any Area Restrictions? 

On the Digital Sky app, you will be given Red, Yellow and Green zones. The Red zone is a no-fly zone, the Yellow zone is a fly only after permission zone and the Green zone is a free flying zone.

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