Zeina Khoury & Kamiya Jani Enjoy Kebabs With The Golden Touch At Palazzo Versace | Curly Tales

by Anupriya Mishra
Zeina Khoury & Kamiya Jani Enjoy Kebabs With The Golden Touch At Palazzo Versace | Curly Tales

If you have also binge-watched the entire season of the Netflix hit series, Dubai Bling, then you already know who is Zeina Khoury. Also known as the Queen of Versace, she created quite a stir with her iconic dialogue, “I am the company.” And on a recent episode of Curly Tales Sunday Brunch Middle East, she met with Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-Chief, at her favourite restaurant, Palazzo Versace. If you are also curious about what she had to say during the interview, then keep scrolling as we give you a snippet of this fantastic interview.

Zeina Khoury & Kamiya Jani Enjoy Kebabs With Golden Touch

As they take a seat, Zeina Khoury relays why she is called the Queen of Versace. She said, “They had just started developing Palazzo Versace in Dubai. I joined the team that was working on it… sales, marketing, development etc. And because I have been here for over 15 to 16 years, I became Zeina of Versace… the Zeina of Versace and then everybody was like oh you are Versace and I love the brand as well, and it just came to me.”

And as the brunch commenced, the table was laid out with an array of toothsome dishes. But the hallmark of these dishes is that they were all covered in gold foil! So while Zeina got candid about her personal life with Kamiya Jani, they relished these kebabs with a golden twist!

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She Talks About Her Life & How The Show Came To Be

Zeina Khoury

While talking about her life, Zeina Khoury relayed that she is originally from Lebanon. As it happens, she also admitted that she was interested in media for many years, so, when she was contacted by Netflix for the show, it was only natural that she agreed. During the interview, she also confessed that she felt she had lost her privacy for some time after the show was aired! As it happens, she also mentioned that this show was not scripted. In fact, her friends knew that it wasn’t scripted because they saw how difficult it was for her to keep her composure during difficult moments in the series.

Doesn’t it sound absolutely interesting? Well, if you are also intrigued by this interview, then don’t forget to watch the entire episode on the YouTube channel of Curly Tales ME.

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