₹314 Crore Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal In Bengaluru Is Destroyed Due To Rainstorm

by Shreya Ghosh
₹314 Crore Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal In Bengaluru Is Destroyed Due To Rainstorm

Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal is one of the most iconic railway stations in India. It is known for being the first centrally air-conditioned station in our country. The infrastructural development and facilities are simply extraordinary at this railway station in Bengaluru’s Byappanahalli. Unfortunately, massive rainfall and storms in the city led to massive losses. Several places of the station witnessed massive damage because of rain and storms.

Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal Suffered Destruction Recently

Twitter user S. Lalitha who goes by the username @Lolita_TNIE took to the micro-blogging platform to share a clip of the downpour and storm on 30 May 2023 destroying the railway station’s premises and its surroundings.

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Built at a huge budget of ₹314 Crore, the Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal began its facilities in the month of June 2022. It has not been even a year since the inauguration and the station already faced such major losses.

More Updates On The Station & Its Damages:

S. Lalitha further shared many details about the massive rainstorm in Bengaluru. In a series of tweets, she gave updates about the terrible condition to the Tweeple.

It can be seen in the video how the panels and roof are falling apart. So many parts got collapsed as these were not able to bear the strong winds. Even parts of the ceilings were falling apart in different places. The rain and storm hit the terminal at around 1:45 PM on Tuesday.

She also shared one of her recorded videos that shows the broken parts in different directions of the terminal. It can be seen how the roof got destroyed.

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In one of her tweets, she also shared a clip of the drenched platforms and wet wooden benches. S. Lalitha stated in the caption that there were 48 benches on PF 1. The conditions of those benches were the same and wet after about 2 hours of the rain and storm.

For the flooring of the platforms, granite has been used. Walking on wet granite floors was definitely a scary time as anyone could have gotten hurt after falling down on the slippery floors.

Bengalureans, stay safe!

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ S. Lalitha (@Lolita_TNIE)