10 Restaurants In Mumbai That Are Best For Kitty Parties

by Nainisha Mehta
10 Restaurants In Mumbai That Are Best For Kitty Parties

The idea of a fun kitty party no longer limits itself to good gossip and expensive jewelry. They may be the core themes, but let’s just say, the ladies don’t want to stick to the old way of doing things. The circle is growing and the kitty fund is getting bigger. And with bigger comes better. Women want to make sure that the next kitty-party venue is worth every penny. Here are 10 places in Mumbai where the girls can gather around, sip cocktails, and enjoy sumptuous food in a picture perfect ambiance!

1. Hoppipola, Multiple Outlets

Slate tables, toadstool seats, aeroplanes suspended from ceilings and quirky open space, Hoppipola sets the mood for a perfect Ladies Day Out. If you are hosting a kitty party, you want to make sure that the group has something interesting to do and this one gives you all the tools for the same. You can play UNO, doodle on the tables, assemble a huge Jenga, test your drawing skills at Pictionary – all while you sip on delicious cocktails and gorge on yummy food. Their cocktails and edible shots not only give you the good buzz but they look super-funky too! Ladies, drop in on Wednesday nights for complimentary cocktails. All this at affordable prices. This definitely is the happiest place in town!

Approx Cost: ₹1,500 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Address: 135 / 138, Galleria Shopping Center, Hiranandani Garden, Powai, Mumbai 400076

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Quirky Interiors at Hoppipola.

2. Veranda, Bandra

When you say Veranda, you think of a sunlit porch and potted plants giving you the feeling of home. Veranda manages to entice those same fuzzy feelings. The restaurant is modern and traditional at the same time. The space exhibits beautiful artworks adding to the quaint antique charm. Inspired by home-décor, the ambience can give you and your girls more ideas to redecorate the house. A modern Indian cuisine with progressing styles of plating and preparations, this Bandra restaurant can be an ideal kitty-party venue.

Approx Cost: ₹3,000 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Address: Hotel Executive Enclave, 331, Dr Ambedkar Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West

Perfect setting for a girls day out at Veranda. Credit: Mumbai Foodie.

3. The Daily Bar and Kitchen, Bandra

The monochrome version of The Daily Bar and Kitchen continues to bring good news! Along with framing good news on their walls, they now have some incredible offers too. Their ‘Go Bottomless’ deal gives you unlimited spirits, cocktails, sangrias and beers from Monday to Thursday between 7 PM to 11 PM. You can also turn around your kitty party to a Sunday drunch! The Daily makes for one elegant setting and stands for sophistication, style and gourmet food. Mediterranean, Italian and European food with their signature cocktails – isn’t that the perfect recipe for a gala gals time? If that’s not enough, they also want to make sure all your wishes come true! They have a wishing well at the restaurant where you can throw in a note with your hopes written in. Fingers crossed, they might come true.

Approx Cost: ₹2,000 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Address: Ground Floor Behind Shoppers Stop, SV Road, Linking Road, Bandra West

The Daily
Scrumptious Food at The Daily.

4. Raasta, Khar

How about hosting your next kitty party in the Caribbean? Alright, not the islands, but right here in Mumbai! Raasta is where you find the Caribbean enclosed in a four-storied building. It is where Rastafarian culture allows you to unwind, where Bob Marley comes alive, where Jamaican food in the city is at its best, where you can dance, sing and feel free with your girls. Raasta Bombay can be the perfect spot for a kitty party, where you want to discover new cuisines, play Bingo and drink Bongtails, grab housie tickets or revel in live music. With its free spirit vibe, you and your kitty group can lose yourselves. While you’re at it, munch on Jamaican cuisine. The rustic ambience, raasta colours and pioneers of reggae definitely help.

Approx Cost: ₹1,500 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Address: 4/5 Floor, Rohan Plaza, Ram Krishan Nagar, Road No. 5, Khar, Mumbai

Enjoy Rastafarian Vibes at Raasta.

5. The Little Door, Andheri

One little blue door and on the other side, you find, a Mediterranean getaway. Blue and white interiors, mosaic tiles, al fresco dining, hanging lamps, a foosball table, board games (whew!) – What more can you ask for? TLD checks out for perfect ambience, coming to food, it double checks on it too. The Mediterranean vibe compliments the Italian, Mediterranean and Greek food. Since kitty parties are all about interacting, having fun and playing games – Sunday Karaoke Drunching at TLD should be perfect! Four hours on unlimited alcohol and food along with singing your heart out should be a hit for your kitty group!

Approx Cost: ₹1,400 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Address: B 31, Ground Floor, Shree Siddhivinayak Plaza, New Link Road, Veera Desai Area, Mumbai

The Little Door
Mediterranean Vibes at The Little Door. Credit: Quirk Card

6. Mirchi and Mime, Powai

A great way to host your kitty-party would be by indulging in a unique experience. Wine and dine sure is fun, but Mirchi and Mime lets you get familiar with the sign and dine concept. Mirchi and Mime is run by a staff with hearing and speech disability. Taking on a noble cause, M & M is the first in India to start this trend. You and your girls can enjoy traditional south Indian, Mughlai and north Indian food. The Bar & Grill has delicious tandoor and grill dishes. The menu helps you learn basic gestures and encourages you to communicate with the staff using the same. Such a courteous staff that welcomes you with a big smile, Mirchi and Mime will be a new experience for your kitty party. You can also take back some recipes they have framed on their walls.

Approx Cost: ₹1,500 for two people (approx.)

Address: Transocean House, Lake Boulevard, Hiranandani Business Park, Powai, Mumbai

Mirchi and Mime
A New Experience at Mirchi and Mime. Credit: Mirchi and Mime FB Page.

7. Madeira and Mime, Powai

The hip brother of Mirchi and Mime is the gastro-pub Madeira and Mime. The staff here too is a team of hearing-speech impaired individuals. Where Mirchi and Mime wants to give you a taste of true Indian flavours, Madeira and Mime offers everything from Indian, Chinese, European, Continental and Sri Lankan! The food is comforting and the setting is quirky at its best. Don’t believe us? Well, the fridge stocked with books should convince you. If you pick this place to host your next kitty party, you can be assured that the ladies will get to munch on some yummy finger food and play board games. With offerings like Muchadwala that comes with a hint of paan and Daaru Jor Garam with chaat masala, their cocktails are exceptional.

Approx Cost: ₹1,400 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Address: G2, Trans Ocean House, Hiranandani Business Park, Lake Boulevard, Powai, Mumbai

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Madeira and Mime
Fridge Stocked with Books! Credit: Inditerrain.

8. Mezzo Mezzo, Juhu

If you’ve managed to collect a handsome amount in your kitty fund, let the girl gang pamper themselves at J.W Mariott’s four-star restaurant Mezzo Mezzo. Dedicated wholly to Italian cuisine the menu features an array of varieties. With chic ambience and palatable food, your kitty party can take it up a notch at Mezzo Mezzo. You get luxury dining and a pool view! Ooh, do try their bacon ice-cream. Yup, it’s delicious and it’s a hit.

Approx Cost: ₹3,000 for two people (approx.)

Address: JW Marriott, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai

Mezzo Mezzo
Mezzo Mezzo at JW Mariott. Credit: Mariott.com

9. Summer Garden, Powai

If the ladies want to ditch the drinks and relish in all things healthy, Summer Garden is an ideal place to do it. A menu that focuses on eating healthy with items like smoothies, salad bowls, traditional Indian grains, and detox juices at Summer Garden you can have a super healthy breakfast for your kitty party. Wait, it gets better. You can bring your furry friends along because this one’s a pet-friendly place.

Approx Cost: ₹1,500 for two people (approx.)

Address: Hakone, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai

Summer garden
Summery feels at Summer Garden

 10. Thalassa, Khar

It may take a while for you and your girls to plan a Goa trip, but that should not hold you from reaping off the benefits of Goa’s most popular spot here in Mumbai. Thalassa made it’ way into Mumbai last year. Sans the sands and a beach view, this Greek restaurant is everything you’d want for your time out with your friends. The Mediterranean theme and blue and white interiors can’t be pulled apart, Thalassa brings that here to Mumbai from Goa. It also brings with it a quaint, cosy vibe, turquoise furniture, mirrored hangings, cobbled paths and misty lights. The setting is ideal for a quite intimate outing. You can also get a taste of Greek culture with their plate breaking activities and a dance by Spiro and Angelo. Relish in lip-smacking traditional items like lamb gyros, kebabs, tzatziki, and Baklava! Their cocktails will give you a glimpse of Greek mythology.

Approx Cost: ₹2,500 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Address: 21st Street, Off Carter Road, Khar Danda, Shubhangan, Khar, Mumbai

Turquoise Interiors at Thalassa. Credit: Tiles of India

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