10 Ways To Make Long Haul Flights More Comfortable

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
10 Ways To Make Long Haul Flights More Comfortable

Flights that last beyond 6 hours are known as long haul flights. Long haul flights are super uncomfortable, exhausting and highly undesirable. No one would like to be seated in an airplane for more than six hours but sometimes, you got to do what you got to do. So here are 10 ways to make long haul flights less stressful and more comfortable. 

1. Choose The Right Airline

If you are travelling on a long haul flight for the first time, do good research by reading comments of people and other things. This will help you in knowing what people think of a particular carrier and in turn, help you choose the right one. 

2. Reserve Early

Reserving seats early gives you the liberty to choose your seats. This helps you choose seats with the legroom that you need or the one that reclines well. 

3. Wear Comfortable Clothes

While on a long-haul flight make sure to wear something that you are super comfortable in. All your fashionable clothes will be cursed by you once the journey ends and you won’t even feel like looking at them ever again. Loose layers and slip in footwear are recommended. 

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4. Minimum Cabin Luggage

Of course, you need more essentials in the long haul than on short-haul flights but that doesn’t mean you should overpack. Just make sure to keep everything travel size. 

5. Stay Hydrated 

It is very important to stay hydrated during long international flights. It might mean more walks to the bathroom but it really helps in the long run. 

6. Me time

No network up in the air, crew members for your help and ample time in your hand. Why not utilize it as long needed Me time! Read a book that you wanted to since a long or if you like writing or sketching, do that. 

7. Pack Some Food

Yes, the airline does offer you food. But it’s better to pack some on your own so that you can munch on your favourites as you need. Some granola bars and likes will help you stay nourished. 

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8. Travel Pillow And Earplugs

Invest in a good travel pillow to avoid neckaches and have a good sleep. You can also use earplugs to avoid the noise of the plane or loud passengers. 

9. Walk And Exercise

Get up from your seat every few hours and take a walk. You can also do little exercises like rotating ankles, stretches or rolling shoulders to keep the blood flowing as low oxygen is spelt by pressurized cabins. 

10. Prepare For Jet Lag

The after-effect of long haul flight is jet lag. Keep exercising, have nourished food, take naps whenever you can and also stay hydrated. This will help you combat jet lag in 2-3 days. 

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