1200-Year-Old Gujarat Temple Welcomes Muslims To Break Their Fast In the Premises

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
1200-Year-Old Gujarat Temple Welcomes Muslims To Break Their Fast In the Premises

Communal violence is all that we can see these days on every news channel or tabloid. The Hijab Row and Azaan Controversy is something that everyone is now aware of. Social media is too flooded with it. Amidst all this, Gujrat’s Varanda Vir Maharaj Mandir welcomed Muslims to break their fast on the premises. 

Rozedaars Invited To Break Their Fast

Varanda Vir Maharaj Mandir is a 1200-year-old temple in Gujrat’s Dalvana village opened its premises for all the Muslim residents who are fasting and are also known as Rozedaars, in the holy month of Ramzan. At 7 pm, about 100 Muslims were invited into the temple to offer Namaz and break their fast on Friday. 

Gujrat’s Dalvana Chooses Brotherhood And Co-Existence

The priest of Varanda Vir Maharaj Mandir said that the temple totally believes in brotherhood and co-existence. It is a historic temple and has tourists visiting it throughout the year. Every time the festivals of Hindus and Muslims clash, the villagers make sure to help each other. This year the trust of the temple and the Gram panchayat together decided to open premises for Ramzan. They also arranged fruits, sherbet and dates for them to break the fast. 

Emotional Moment

Wasim Khan, A businessman from Dalvana said that the village has always believed in co-existence. Everyone has worked shoulder to shoulder during festivals. When the gram panchayat approached the leaders of both communities and proposed breaking fast in the temple, it was an emotional moment for them. 

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