160 Yrs Of London Tube: Listen To Interesting Tales Of Its History & Anecdotes On This New Podcast

Transport for London released a podcast series 'Mind the Gap - Tube 160' to celebrate the 160 years of London Tube.

by Shreya Ghosh
160 Yrs Of London Tube: Listen To Interesting Tales Of Its History & Anecdotes On This New Podcast

Underground tubes have been a forever part of most Londoners’ lives. From locals commuting every day to tourists travelling for the fun of it, the underground train journeys are always a fascinating experience. To commemorate 160 years of metal tubes providing services in London and to celebrate the special anniversary, Transport for London recently launched a brand new podcast series ‘Mind the Gap – Tube 160’.

Transport For London Launched Its First-Ever Podcast!

London Tube
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It has been magnificent 160 years of Londoners riding on the iconic underground tubes. From great grandfathers to today’s generation, people of all ages have travelled on this iconic means of transportation. Known as the oldest underground network system in the world, the London Tube is celebrating its 160th anniversary in the grandest way possible. To make it a memorable and surely noteworthy achievement, Transport for London released a 4-part podcast series ‘Mind the Gap – Tube 160’.

Launched on December 18, 2023, the podcast has already become quite a famous one. The introductory part is 1 minute long ‘Introducing…Mind The Gap’. The first episode of this series is 29 minutes long ‘Connecting People and Places through London’s beating heart’. It is followed by ‘Hidden Heroes and Ingenious Innovations that keep London moving’ and lastly ‘Iconic Design and Amazing Architecture deep under London’s streets’.

Tim Dunn— railway historian, broadcaster, and London underground aficionado— is the host of this one-of-a-kind podcast. This 4-episode series takes us on a journey to the long-lost history of the city’s historical underground, reasons that influenced the network to be so iconic and well-celebrated even after 160 years, interviews of enthusiasts, anecdotes of the journey, and so much more. Listening to the podcast is surely going to be such an insightful experience, especially for people who love the London underground system and are quite enthusiastic to know about its pasts and people associated with it.

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Let’s Get To Know The London Tube-Special Podcast A Bit More!

London Tube
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  • Staff and people associated with Transport for London are featured in the first 3 released episodes of the podcast.
  • The 4 interesting themes of the podcast are Architecture, Innovation, Connecting People and Places, and Christmas special with Rylan, according to a report by Transport for London.
  • The fourth and last episode is yet to be released. It is a Christmas special episode with Tim Dunn and Rylan, a TV and radio presenter. They will be travelling to Epping from central London.

The podcast has some interesting interviews with eminent personalities who have a long relationship with the underground system’s history. From discussing the stations to talking about the architectural wonders, all 4 series dive back to the past and look at the fascinating details in different segments of the tube’s history. Wayne Hemingway is the designer of the uniforms for London Underground staff and he is one of the interviewees. Photographer Luke Agbaimoni also joined the host for the podcast.

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Are you excited to listen to the podcast and know all about the tube’s history?

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