26 Varieties Of Chicken Wings In Mumbai

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
26 Varieties Of Chicken Wings In Mumbai

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A fast food joint in Mumbai’s Oshiwara, Fire Wings serves 26 varieties Chicken Wings for all meat-lovers.

What Is It?

Fire Wings is a fast food joint in Oshiwara that serves amazing varieties of chicken wings that will get your tongue on fire and treat your taste buds with their delicious flavours.


What’s In It?

Indulge in BBQ wings that are highly recommended here, the BBQ sauce is delicious and the wings are a perfect balance of sweet and smoky flavour. The Ghost wings are for the brave hearted, they are insanely spicy but, amazingly delicious. Just keep 3-4 bottles of water near you while you’re downing those.

The chicken here is of good quality and the wings come in different flavours and sauces that are worth trying.

Other varieties include Honey Mustard, Kentucky Style, Lemon Pepper, Peri Peri, Fire Wings Special, Classic Buffalo, Teriyaki Style, and more. The price of the wings ranges between ₹150 – ₹350 for a plate of 6 pieces and 12 pieces respectively.

Apart from wings, this food joint also serves fries, burgers, pasta and salad.


Address: Fire Wings, Shop 1, Okaz Shopping Centre, Near Gate 3 Millat Nagar, Oshiwara, Andheri West, Mumbai
Phone: 022 33956030
Cost for two: ₹500