4 Places To Celebrate Holi In Himachal Pradesh In 2022

Holi In Himachal Pradesh
by Yogita Chainani 1000

Himachal Pradesh is known for its snow-capped mountains, but it’s also known to celebrate Indian festivals galore. And with Holi around the corner, if you are looking to escape the hustle-bustle of the city to find some respite in the mountains, how about spending your Holi in Himachal this year? Sound’s fun, right? Well, here are some places where you can play Holi in Himachal. Read on and make your plans right away.

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Places In Himachal Pradesh To Check Out For Holi

1. Kinnaur

If you think Rajasthan and UP have the best Holi celebrations, you should visit Kinnaur to play Holi this year. Located a bus/cab ride away from Delhi, Manali, and Shimla, Holi in Kinnaur district’s Sangla Valley is celebrated uniquely. A 4-day festival – Faguli is celebrated, where Holi is celebrated on the third day with snow and dry colours. Holi celebration includes music, wine distribution, and a skit depicting some scenes from Ramayana. And what makes this Holi is so distinct is that Faguli Festival is celebrated by lighting oil lamps, making it a must-visit place for Holi in 2022.

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2.  Kasol

If you are planning a trip with your friends, then make use of the Holi long-weekend vacation and visit Kasol. Enjoy with your friends, bask in the sun and soak in the serene beauty the place has to offer. And while you do that, don’t forget to play Holi in Kasol. Kasol is popular for hosting trance Holi parties where you can enjoy the sight of the mountains in a vibrant and colourful setting. And obviously, you know how good can Kasol be for playing Holi with your gang.

3. Shimla

If you are planning to play a fun Holi without traveling much, then Shimla should be your spot. People gather on the streets, apply color to each other and relish some desi sweets and treats that the street vendors sell for Holi. In fact, there are several Holi parties in Shimla, where you can dance, sing and make the most of it with your friends while enjoying the beautiful mountains.

Holi In Himachal Pradesh

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4. Mandi

If you experience a natural Holi Party, then Mandi in Himachal Pradesh needs to be on your list. The best thing about playing Holi in Mandi is that the whole town comes to celebrate this festival as one big family at a central location. They dance together on Mandyali, Hindi, and other songs, which makes Holi celebrations in Mandi a big party.