5 Bangladeshis Arrested At Phuket Airport While Trying To Enter Thailand With Fake Visas

These Bangladeshi nationals used counterfeit visa stamps that caught the eye of authorities at the Phuket Airport.

by Tashika Tyagi
5 Bangladeshis Arrested At Phuket Airport While Trying To Enter Thailand With Fake Visas

Being an airport immigration staff is a difficult task. They have to be vigilant to make sure no mishaps or wrong documents go through their desk. Just like the staff at Phuket Airport that stopped the illegal entry of five Bangladeshi citizens who tried to enter the counter with fake visas. On January 17, five Bangladeshi nationals were arrested at 11:30 AM while passing through the immigration officers at the airport. Read on for all the details on this incident.

Failed Attempt To Enter Phuket By 5 Bangladeshi Nationals

fake visa Phuket
Image Courtesy: Canva

Thailand is a beautiful country and that’s why tourists from across the world readily head there for vacations. However, illegal entry into any country is definitely not the way to enjoy your time off. That’s why when five Bangladeshi nationals tried to enter Phuket with fake visas, the Thai immigration staff was quick to get them arrested at the international arrivals terminal itself.

As per the reports, these visas were apparently issued by the Thai Embassy in Dhaka around November end. What was interesting was that one of the visas had a cancelled stamp while the other did not bear any marks. These five men were arrested by the Saku Police on January 17 and now face charges of attempted unlawful entry in Thailand. As per the data shared, these men fall in the age bracket of 20 to 35 years.

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Punishment For The Incident Not Disclosed By The Authorities Yet

fake visa phuket
Image Courtesy: Canva

The arrests were made on the same day of the incident. However, there has been no formal disclosure of the punishment these Bangladeshi citizens might face. They will surely face the wrath of the Thai legal system with charges of attempted unlawful entry and use of forged official documents. As for now, their fate remains at the mercy of Thailand’s judicial system. Strict punishments are expected for these Bangladeshi citizens to ensure the integrity of Thailand’s borders.

This surely is a sad attempt to exploit a country’s tourism sector. Kudos to the vigilant Thai immigration department that was quick to catch the fake visas and take action to stop the illegal entry attempt.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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