700 Indian Students In Canada Scammed With Fake Visa Papers; Face Deportation

by Shreya Rathod
700 Indian Students In Canada Scammed With Fake Visa Papers; Face Deportation

Canada, a North American country, is a dream destination for students in India. Why? Well, the country offers some of the best and most advanced courses and is affordable for Indian students. Moreover, some of the Canadian universities rank in the list of top colleges. But, the process of applying for a student visa is tedious. And if not done properly, the person may be deported. Just like these 700 Indian students who were deported after their visa papers were found to be fake! Here are the details of how these students were duped by an immigration consultant in Jalandhar.

700 Indian Students Deported From Canada!

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In hopes of studying abroad and fulfilling their dreams of studying in Canada, 700 Indian students applied for student visas. The Jalandhar-based Education Migration Services owned by Brijesh Mishra had helped these students with the visa procedure and charged each student ₹16 lakhs (including admission fee). However, the airfare and security deposits weren’t included in it. The students had gone to Canada in 2018 for educational purposes.

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However, this fraud didn’t come to light till they applied for permanent residency in Canada. For permanent residency, the Canadian Border Security Agency is supposed to check their documents and scrutinise them. This is when the authority found admission letters to be fake.

Applying For Permanent Residency Caught This Fraud

According to the experts, some of these students had already completed their studies and had got work permits as well. But, when they applied for a permanent residency, this fraud came to light. Moreover, this was the first time such fraud was caught. And this was a result of a large number of students applying to study in Canada.

However, these frauds are not new and involve several factors like getting forged offer letters from colleges, providing forged fee payment receipts to students, etc. This is because the visas are issued only after depositing the fees. Some of the students are offered letters from colleges where they never studied and then shifted to other universities.

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Studying abroad and getting an education from a prestigious institution is the dream of every student. But these kinds of frauds can negatively affect their lives.

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