5 Best Biryani Places In Kolkata According To Locals

Biryani places in Kolkata
by Shreya Ghosh 2391

The debate on the best biryani is an ongoing one. While some believe that it is either Hyderabadi biryani or Lucknowi biryani, for Bengalis, no Biryani can ever touch their soul if there isn’t an ‘aloo’ (potato) in it. Bengalis are crazy about biryani and it has a humongous fanbase in the city. Every lane and road of the city of joy is filled with biryani shops serving biryani with top-notch tastes. It is very difficult to choose only the 5 best biryani places in Kolkata but we searched every place and brought the best ones for you. Let’s take you on a virtual trip to all the best biryani places in the city according to the locals.

1. Kareem’s

If you are craving biryani in Awadhi style, then Kareem’s is a great place to dine in. When it comes to serving lip-smacking and flavourful biryani, Kareem’s always tops the list. Apart from Awadhi-style biryani, you can even indulge in Kolkata biryani with aloo and egg. The kebabs of Kareem’s are everyone’s favourite and you should even try out some. Some recommendations are Handi Gosht Biryani, Murgh Tikka Dum Biryani, Chicken Kebab Platter, Gosht Kakori Kebab, and Dum Ki Chaap.

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2. Aminia

Aminia is one of those restaurants in Kolkata that is serving people for decades. Opened in the year 1929, this place holds a special heart in every biryani lover in Kolkata. Aminia knows how to win people’s hearts with appetising biryani and other different preparations such as Rezala, Assorted Kebabs Platter, Chicken Tangri Butter Masala, Chicken Chap, and more.


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3. India Restaurant

India Restaurant is a maestro in serving delectable Mughlai cuisine and biryani of top quality. Their extensive menu has a lot of dishes to choose from and comes with options for everyone. Their biryani is flavourful with mild spices and this is why people love to have biryani from here. India Restaurant is indeed one of the best biryani places in Kolkata. Next time you’re here, you have to try out Kachi Biryani, Mutton Boti Kebab, and Shahi Tukra.

4. Oudh 1590

Oudh 1590 sparks royalty! As soon as you enter here, you will feel transported to the times of Nawabs and Bawarchis. The place has been designed so pleasantly that the interior adds a different charm to the dining experience. To relish some of the best Awadhi cuisines you have to visit Oudh 1590. This place is not only famous for period dining and authentic biryani, but also for its unbelievably delicious kebabs.


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5. Behrouz Biryani

This list would have been incomplete without Behrouz Biriyani. They are not only one of the best biryani places in Kolkata but also have a huge fanbase in the entire country. Each and every preparation here are made with a well-balanced blend of exotic spices that literally bursts inside your mouth. They have a hugely extensive menu of premium biryani and delicious kebabs that will surely give you a royal experience.

The city of joy is a paradise for food lovers as you can get anything here at any moment and the taste is always oh-so-delicious. Here are some top street foods for you to try out to treat your taste buds with the best.