5 Dubai Streets That Boast Quirky Street Art

by Saniya
5 Dubai Streets That Boast Quirky Street Art

Street Art spaces add zest and life to the monotonic locales of city life. Not only do they espouse creativity and aesthetics, but they also become a vision of the city’s culture and foster creativity. On a personal front, they also serve as the perfect backdrop to create and curate those ideal Instagram feeds.

1. La Mer

La Mer Dubai Street Art
(Credits: La Mer)

Think Street Art in Dubai! You know you envision one of the many portraits in Dubai’s La Mer Beach serving as the perfect backdrop for your pics. Le Mer is where all the perfect shots are taken to curate your insta feed. And the best part is that you have a plethora of graffiti walls to choose from.

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2. City Walk

City Walk Art
(Credits: City Walk)

City Walk has the best of trendy spots in Dubai. It is also home to Dubai’s iconic ‘I love Dubai’ street art. So want to get one clicked for yourself? Then head to City Walk and find murals, portraits and much more at this bustling center. Some of the best artistes have designed the graffitis here.

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3. Karama

Karama (Source: Youtube)

Now this one is giving a hipster touch to Dubai’s oldest and traditional localities. Karama, the happening center of Dubai, has got a trendy twist. In 2016, Al Wasl gave a stunning twist to the souks of Karama with 12 sprawling graffitis and murals covering the buildings in Al Karama giving them a unique touch.

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4. Dubai Design District

Street Art
Dubai Design District (Credits: Facebook)

You are sure to get the best of designs when the name itself has the word in it. This area is truly a hotspot for all things aesthetically perfect. With plenty of live installations, paintings, and graffiti on display, you know this one is the ideal spot to get your dose of street art.

5. Metro Art

With the aim of converting Dubai into an open-air museum, Dubai has been painting the city creative. One of the recent developments is the coming up of murals on the metro lanes of Sheikh Zayed Road. These stunning and aesthetically pleasing street creations give a relaxing vibe to the busy lanes of Dubai.