7 Eateries In Mumbai That Are Not Worth The Hype

by Madhusree Chatragadda
7 Eateries In Mumbai That Are Not Worth The Hype

Have you ever gone to a restaurant on the recommendation of a friend or an online site, hoping to be blown away with perfectly cooked food that’ll massage your senses but got served average meals instead? We know that feeling people, the struggle is real. Here’s a list of raved about places in Mumbai, that did not impress us at all.

1. Bademiya, Colaba

There’s so much that’s said about Bademiya. Now I’ve been going here for a good 11 years and I can guarantee you that the vibe in the place is on point, especially if you go after hours. But it literally ends there. The vibe may be great, however, the food is absolutely average. The rolls do not stand out and the meat preparation style is mediocre. The prices absolutely do not justify the means. An average chicken roll will cost you approximately ₹230. The rolls barely have any meat inside and are put together sloppily for an exorbitant price. There’s a serious lack of cleanliness as well. They do have a sit-down area that looks absolutely run-down with paint peeling off and plastic chairs.

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2. Sardar Pavbhaji, Tardeo

Does Sardar serve edible pav bhaji? Yes! Is it worth the hype? No! While Sardar must have served great pav bhaji at one time, the same does not hold true today. There are dozens of places that serve way better Pav Bhaji. Today, what you’ll get is a chunky tomato, onion-potato paste, that’s not up to the mark. An average Pav Bhaji costs about ₹140 but it is pretty bland and believe us when we say that there is definitely better pav bhaji in Mumbai.

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3. Cream Centre, Opposite Girgaum Chowpatty
60 years worth of reputation to hold but still, Cream Centre falls short. With its all-new look, we certainly do not appreciate the sharp hike in prices for the same dishes that were anyway okay-okay, to begin with! Cream Centre may score well on the hygiene factor, but taste-wise, we think it’s riding on past good reputation. Cream Centre started off as an exclusive vegetarian joint that was different from the Shiv Sagars and Sukh Sagars around, but today it literally offers the same dishes at higher rates. We’re not even complaining about the prices. We just wish the food quality and innovation improved with it as well.

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4. Haji Ali Juice Centre, Mahalaxmi
Remember the time when Haji Ali Juice Centre was a big deal? Well, some glories should remain in the past. Haji Ali Juice Centre now sells overpriced fruit cream, shakes and juices that, to be honest, are just not worth the hype. There are plenty of eateries around that are honestly way better in comparison. A Mixed Fruit Cream costs approx ₹250 and is definitely not worth it. Save yourself the trouble.

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5. Sunlight, Kalbadevi

I know this must be like a go-to place to chill and get drunk for all the college students and trust me I have been here with my friends too. I must say that their drinks and food is overpriced and the place is super shady. They have drinks way higher than the MRP and the overpriced Chakna is a mood killer. Their butter masala popcorn is expensive for no good reason. You literally have to add butter and masala to popcorns, that is the easiest thing!!! Don’t get me started on their Chinese starters, the price may be similar to any other restaurant, but the taste and quantity are not up to the mark. The music also is not great.

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6. Candies, Bandra

Candies in Bandra is probably more about emotion, less about the food and we get that. We are all for good vibes and chill scenes but guys, come on – the food is average, at best. Let’s not get confused and think that bread filled with mayo is what comprises a good sandwich. The place looks great but it ends there. If you’re looking for a great place to eat – we do not recommend Candies.

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7. Lucky’s Restaurant, Bandra

Lucky has three outlets in Mumbai, the Bandra one is popular for no reason at all and they have opened up another one in Chembur recently and Goregoan. I would not say that they serve bad food, but the food is just not up to the mark. There were rumours that Salman Khan would order and eat Biryani from Lucky’s. We bet he doesn’t anymore. The biryani is good but it’s definitely not the best and definitely not worth the hype around it.

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Which places do you think are overrated in Mumbai?