5 Greek Food Restaurants In Dubai You Need To Visit Right Now!

by Deeplata Garde

Greek Cuisine, or as they call it, the Mediterranean diet, is highly praised in terms of health benefits as well as the distinct flavours. The proper blend of olive oil, grains, veggies and meat makes it more favourable to try. So if you are in Dubai and searching for such greek food restaurants, then we have a curated list for you.

5 Greek Food Restaurants In Dubai

1. Elia

Apart from the flavourful meal, you will be treated with pretty looking ambience. Their romantic alfresco setup makes it a magical experience. Nevertheless, the romantic atmosphere is also a favourite family spot. Chef Baxevanis ensures the visitors only receive the most authentic dishes passed on through generations. Elia settles down in Majestic City Retreat and is working between 12:30pm to 12am everyday.


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2. Myrra By Opa

This spot is an amalgamation of Spanish and greek cultures coming together beautifully. This Mediterranean resto is a beachside special and nestles on the banks of Palm Jumeriah.
The floral interiors add a hint of jazz to the indoor and outdoor dining area. You can enjoy Greek or Spanish delicacies based on your mood.

3. Taverna

If you love alfresco, then Taverna is the perfect spot for you. Visit this place to enjoy the fresh breeze playing with your hair while you delect your tastebuds with the most delicious meal. Relish the Mezze dishes and other grilled meat specialities from the menu. The gorgeous vista of Madinat waterways would make you feel lost in the moment.


4. Nammos

Settled in Four season resort, Dubai, Nammos is Housefull usually with a glam crowd. So be it to be surrounded by amazing people or to enjoy a hearty Mediterranean meal, visit Nammos. The menu offers tempting choices like shrimp risotto thats a unique blend of greek with Italian. Add this spot on your list to stay for a lazy lunch or late-night dinner.


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Gaia is formulated under the supervision of culinary artist Chef Izu Ani. The restaurant set in DIFC is quite renowned for its Mediterranean cuisine. From a vast range of mezze, seafood and meat dishes, Gaia offers something special for everyone. The greek charm of the place is quite inviting.


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