5 Hiking Tips Every Solo Traveller Must Keep In Mind

by Yogita Chainani
5 Hiking Tips Every Solo Traveller Must Keep In Mind

Hiking is liberating, fun and definitely teaches you a lot of things about fitness and life. I love hiking, and going on solo hikes is my favourite thing. It gives me a sense of freedom, that truly can’t be described in words. And if you are planning to go on one this year, then here are some tips that’ll come handy to you while you pave the way solo.

1. Do it at your pace

I can’t stress how important this is. I am a very competitive person, and being so- I have always tried to compete with others, but one place where I don’t compete is when I go on hikes. Remember that everyone has a different speed, durability, and physical fitness. Just because someone has done a hike in 1 hour, you don’t have to do that. The important thing here is to finish the hike even if it takes you 2 hours. So, do it at your pace, while you enjoy the serenity and the picturesque landscape around you.

2. Start small

If you love hikes and want to go on one all by yourself, then start small, and go for shorter hikes in the beginning. Choose hikes that are easy and then slowly move to the intermediate level, followed by a difficult level. My first solo hike was in Maharashtra, and post that I slowly paved my way to Tiger’s Nest in Paro, Bhutan and varied other treks in Himachal Pradesh.

3. Know your limits

While going on hikes is liberating and fun, however, some trails need technical guidance. So avoid going on difficult hikes by yourself. I would never go on solo hikes in heavy winds, or when it’s difficult to navigate trails either. Technical trails should be done in groups, where you have a guide with you. You may be good at solo hikes, but sometimes, it’s better to go with groups.

4. Learn the basic of first aid

You are on a solo trek, hence its quite imperative for you to know some basic medical skills. Consult your doctor, research well and pack medicines and first aid material that you will require. If you’re going on a high altitude trek, you must know about altitude sickness, its many forms, and its treatment. Carry a tablet for altitude motion sickness, electoral and energy bars, since lack of knowledge and materials at high altitude can be lethal.

5. Know your route well

Last but also the most important one, know your routes well. Download an offline map before you start the hike, do good research about the stop points of the trail and follow the given route. By all means, do not alter the route. And if you follow all of this, then trust me, you are going to love solo hikes.