5 Snacking Options For The Midnight Owls In Mumbai

    Midnight hunger pangs can happen to anyone at any time. Whether you’re working a late shift or you’re preparing for upcoming exams, hunger can’t be avoided. If you’re in Mumbai, you can’t always rely on midnight buffets because they might burn a hole in your pocket. Instead, we’ve got some delicious midnight snacking options for you that might just do the trick –

    1. Sardar Pav Bhaji – Tardeo 

    This smashingly yummy pav bhaji center is open till late hours of the morning. It is walkable from Mumbai Central railway station and can rest your hunger with its butter pav bhaji.

    Must try: Caramel custard and Strawberry milkshake

    Address: 166-A, 166-B, Tardeo road junction, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400034

    Approx cost: ₹250 for two


    Image Credit – Midday

    2. Bachelorr’s – Marine Drive

    South Mumbai has its own set of benefits with late night snacking. Pick out a sea facing corner and enjoy a hearty meal at Bachelorrs along with some lip-smacking milkshakes.

    Must try: Chic Choc Shake and Grill Sandwich

    Address: 45, Ext. Sattar Sea View, Chowpatty Sea Face, Dr. Purandare Road, Marine Drive, Charni Road, Chowpatty, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007

    Approx cost: ₹800 for two


    Image Credit – Just Dial

    3. JB Sagar – Ghatkopar

    Perfect for midnight snacking, this joint opens up at 12 AM each night. Famous for its Tawa Pulav and Pav Bhaji, make sure you try out the ‘hotdog pav’ as a variation of the traditional Mumbai pav bhaji.

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    Must try: Pav bhaji and Tawa pulav

    Address: Rajawadi Naka, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai – 400075

    Approx cost:  ₹ 500 for two


    Image Credit – Hungry Forever

    4. Khao Gali – Malad

    Located at Link road in Malad West, this Khao Gali is near Mindspace. With the help of a 24 hours call center, this place runs like crazy! Check out the best street food from milkshakes to sandwiches to pav bhaji at this joint.

    Must try: Pav bhaji

    Address: Chincholi Bunder Link Road, Malad West , Mumbai

    Approx cost: ₹ 400 for two


    Image Credit – Indian Streetfood

    5. Bademiya – Colaba 

    A well-known midnight food joint of South Mumbai, it serves veg and non veg food items. Open till late hours, you can try out some of the best dishes here at Bademiya.

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    Must try: Paneer kebabs

    Address: Tulloch Road, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai

    Approx cost:  ₹ 700 for two


    Image Credit – Happy Trips

    With lovely items to choose from, these midnight street food joints offer a lot of options. But one thing is for sure, you’ll always come back for more!

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    Kritika Kukreja
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