50% Of Indians Feel Home Is The Best Place To Be: IKEA’s Life At Home Report 2023

IKEA’s 10th Life at Home report suggests Indian people prefer to stay at home and be close to the ones they love.

by Tashika Tyagi
50% Of Indians Feel Home Is The Best Place To Be: IKEA’s Life At Home Report 2023

There is an age-old question – are you a homebody or a social butterfly? Well, it looks like IKEA’s latest Life At Home report answered the big question. According to a survey by IKEA, home is the favourite place to be for 50% of Indians! This annual study also revealed some more interesting insights into a regular Indian household, so read on!

An Insight Into How Indians Live At Home By IKEA

IKEA India
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The 10th Life at Home report by IKEA gives insights into how Indians live at home. They have spoken to thousands of families, done extensive research, and taken notes from the nine previous editions, 2014–2022 to accumulate this thorough edition. This report gives an insight into the lives of India’s millennials and Gen Zs. According to this study, 50% of Indians feel home is their favourite place to be! The study further suggests that 63% of Indians feel positive about their current life at home.

As Indians are believed to be a close-knit community, living closer to their loved ones is one of the key features when choosing homes. About 35% of Indians say that living close to family and friends and 33% suggest that being with the people they love is the key element of a comfortable home.

Our love doesn’t stop with family, Indians love to sleep too! As per the report, 33% of people find sleeping a top priority. This follows with 23% of people revealing that taking a nap is one of their favourite things to do at home!

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What 2024 Looks Like & What They Predict For This Year

Ikea India
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For 2024, IKEA predicted that this year is going to be all about cleaning, moving, and renovating. The report suggests that 56% of Indians are planning to move in the next two years, while 18% are planning to stay in their current home albeit with some renovation. Decluttering is the key to cleaning this year to create space. As many as 22% have shared that a tidy and organised home makes them feel comfortable

As a homebody, we’re giving our vote of approval to this study! What’s your take on it?

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