6 Gulab Jamun Fusions We Saw In 2023 That You Can Love Or Hate But Certainly Can’t Ignore

Gulab jamun is a popular Indian dessert and a subject for various fusion dishes! Here are some of which we witnessed in 2023.

by Shreya Rathod
6 Gulab Jamun Fusions We Saw In 2023 That You Can Love Or Hate But Certainly Can’t Ignore

The Indian dessert, gulab jamun, has gained popularity all over the world. In fact, we have come across various fusions with this dessert. Some of them were an example of culinary excellence. But others looked and sounded extremely unappetising! Here are 6 gulab jamun fusions we came across in 2023 which you can’t ignore.

6 Gulab Jamun Fusions We Came Across In 2023

1. Gulab Jamun Latte


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A post shared by Kolkata Chai Co. (@kolkatachaico)

Our favourite gulab jamun has been paired with coffee this time! The Internet is captivated by a gulab jamun latte that a New York eatery recently debuted. The restaurant’s official Instagram page has posted images and a video showcasing the new drink’s appearance. The eatery noted that the drink is offered in both hot and cold versions in the caption. This has gained several comments from the Netizens, most of them claiming it to be delicious and iconic.

2. Gulab Jamun Paratha


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A post shared by Yash Chauhan (@yourbrownfoodie)

Paratha is a go-to breakfast option for every Indian as it is quick to make and doesn’t require a lot of effort. We have eaten several types of parathas, including aloo, gobi, paneer, mixed veg and so on. However, have you tried the gulab jamun paratha? A Delhi vendor has made it!

In the viral video, a street hawker makes an unusual delicacy by putting gulab jamuns into a paratha and deep-frying it in ghee. Next, a variety of veggie side dishes are offered with the paratha. Viewers have left several comments and a variety of conflicting opinions in response to this unusual union.

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3. Gulab Jamun Bun


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A post shared by Shubham kataria (@chandigarhwithsam_)

Culinary experiences often provide something new and interesting to try. Foodies have taken an interest in a daringly innovative dish called “Gulab Jamun Bun Fusion.” This unique dish blends the flavours of the beloved Indian delicacy gulab jamun with the cosiness of a bun. The dessert and snack landscape is being transformed by this audacious and creative blend.

The fusion dish is a perfect example of foodies who are constantly experimenting with flavours. When you pair the simple bread bun with the soft, syrup-soaked Gulab Jamun, a desi dessert, you discover a whole new world of sensations you might never want to experience.

4. Gulab Jamun With Dahi


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A post shared by Gaurav Wasan (@youtubeswadofficial)

People are always surprised by new food trends that appear on the Internet, many of which can be described as odd. The list is infinite and includes chocolate dosa and mango Maggi. And gulab jamun with dahi is just another one. The culinary hybrid has merited attention and not everyone is happy.

An Instagram video that Gaurav Wasan shared showed a seller delivering gulab jamun with dollops of curd. The meal, which costs ₹50 per plate, according to the business owner, is also the second most popular item among patrons. For obvious reasons, a lot of people saw the video.

5. Gulab Jamun Old Fashioned Cocktail

With her inventive Gulab Jamun Old Fashioned recipe, Natasha, the creative mind behind the Instagram post @thetashmashup, has given the traditional Old Fashioned drink a Desi touch in the realm of mixology. This new take on classic flavours and mixology has revolutionised the cocktail scene, demonstrating the power of surprising pairings.

She observes humorously that her creation, which was influenced by the popular Indian dish gulab jamun, has become a hit both on and off the dance floor.

6. Gulab Jamun Churros


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A post shared by Bombay Sweet Shop (@bombaysweetshop)

Though churros are a Spanish delicacy, this gulab jamun churros by Bombay Sweet Shop is definitely an appetising dish! The churros are dipped in sweet syrup and served hot with toppings of your choice. They include spicy Malabar pepper chocolate, vanilla cream or pistachio white chocolate.

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Comment below and share your thoughts on these fusions of 2023 and which one you liked.

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