6 Most Ordered Dishes At The Award-Winning Indian Accent, NYC For A Culinary Journey Across India

by Mallika Khurana
6 Most Ordered Dishes At The Award-Winning Indian Accent, NYC For A Culinary Journey Across India

One of the best spots in New York City for delicious Indian food is Indian Accent. Under the expertise of Chef Manish Mehrotra, every dish at this restaurant is a masterpiece. By fusing traditional Indian flavours with modern methods and presentations, these most-ordered dishes at Indian Accent NYC represent the restaurant’s culinary innovation and expertise.

Most Ordered Dishes At Indian Accent, NYC

1. Lamb Dahi Vada, Green Tomatoes

Lamb dahi vada, green tomatoes
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Savoury lamb is combined with tart green tomatoes in this delectable dish. It creates a delicious flavour combination. Dahi vada, is a common Indian street food made of lentil fritters soaked in yoghurt. It is then combined with tender lamb to give the dish a creamy and energising touch. This dish is just as yummy as it is unique.

2. Assamese Pork Dumplings, Broth, Nettle Oil, Crispy Black Rice

Assamese pork dumplings, broth, nettle oil, crispy black rice
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These pork dumplings, a culinary delight, are influenced by the flavours of Assam. They are paired with crispy black rice, which creates a pleasing textural contrast and served in a flavourful broth with nettle oil drizzled over it. You can find varied culinary traditions being offered in this dish.

3. Tandoori Salmon, Lemon-Butter Peas, Herb Oil

Tandoori salmon, lemon-butter peas, herb oil
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This dish features salmon that has been tandoori-marinated and cooked to perfection to maintain its moisture and tenderness. Moreover, it’s a dish known for its subtle flavours and loved by seafood enthusiasts. The marination offers a tangy and fragrant accompaniment to the succulent fish, which is served with vibrant lemon-butter peas and herb oil.

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4. Smoked Eggplant & Bhujiya Raita

Smoked eggplant & bhujiya raita
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Vegetarians will adore this dish. This dish is prepared with perfectly cooked smoked eggplant. It has a smoky, rich flavour. The dish is paired with bhujiya raita, a yoghurt-based sauce made with a mixture of spices and crispy fried gramme flour noodles that adds a crunch and tangy flavour. This is simply heavenly and will remind you of the simple flavours from home.

5. Butter Scallops, Sea Beans, Cauliflower & Saffron Curry

Butter scallops, sea beans, cauliflower & saffron curry
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Enjoy the decadence of butter scallops in this dish. The dish is served with sea beans for a unique flavour and texture.  A creamy cauliflower and saffron curry is added to the dish to enhance it. This brings out the flavours and textures together in perfect harmony. Sounds yum, right?

6. Makhan Malai, Saffron Milk, Rose Petal Jaggery Brittle, Almonds

Makhan malai, saffron milk, rose petal jaggery brittle, almonds
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The Makhan Malai dessert will help you end your meal on a sweet note. This dish is made up of milk foam that has been flavoured with saffron and topped with crunchy almonds and rose-petal-flavoured jaggery brittle. It is a delicately sweet dessert that is light and refreshing to the palate, with mellow undertones. Additionally, there possibly cannot be a better end to a tasty meal.

All these dishes at Indian Accent, NYC, are extremely delicious!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Indian Accent NYC