64-YO Worker Breaks Down After Staff Surprise Him With B’day Cake. We’re Not Crying, You Are!

by Sanjana Shenoy
64-YO Worker Breaks Down After Staff Surprise Him With B’day Cake. We’re Not Crying, You Are!

Social media has this remarkable ability to transfer emotions and energies. There are moments when you’d smile for the happiness of another individual, living miles away. And also cry when if you’d see them having a hard time. Somehow it gives you the ability to feel deeply for someone despite never knowing anything about them. Recently, a video of a 64-year-old worker, Leo, getting surprised by his staff at a restaurant with a birthday cake, teared up the Internet.

64-Year-Old Worker Gets A Surprise Cake From His Colleagues

A video originally shared by TikTok user @sillymimi313 shows one of the most heartwarming moment in Leo’s life. In the video, you can see a restaurant worker carrying a massive, beautifully decorated cake towards the 64-year-old dishwasher. The cake was decorated with vanilla frosting and fresh strawberries. Leo, as his co-workers described him is the “nicest man and one of the most hard-working people”.


So, his co-workers got together and decided to make his birthday a special one as he hadn’t celebrated his special day in years. On noticing his colleagues bring him a cake, Leo broke down into tears. As he wiped his tears, he told them that he couldn’t believe that someone finally remembered his birthday. And moreover, cared enough to celebrate his birthday.

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The Restaurant Staff Celebrate His Birthday With Joy

The restaurant staff gathered together and sang “Happy Birthday” to Leo as they surprised him with the cake. They even said, “We love you, Leo”. Dressed in a black t-shirt, jeans and a black apron, the 64-year-old worker was lost for words. He broke down and wiped his tears with his hands, as his colleagues showered him with love and affection on his birthday.

leo surprise cake
Picture Credits: @magicallynews (Comments section)

Netizens couldn’t stop shedding a tear in this heartwarming moment that melted hearts. On Instagram, many blessed him and wished Leo, a very happy birthday. Others gave love to all dishwashers and those who work very hard to make a restaurant, what it is today. Many Netizens wanted his address so they could send him gifts and birthday cards.

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What do you think about his super sweet gesture? Did this video leave you tearing up too?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva and @sillymimi313/ TikTok