7 Best Legendary Eateries In Sharjah Every Foodie Must Visit Once

by Deeplata Garde
7 Best Legendary Eateries In Sharjah Every Foodie Must Visit Once

It’s challenging for a restaurant to maintain the taste and ambience for years. Few restaurants in Sharjah surpassed their own expectations and stood the test of time. Serving the best they can and for decades, these restaurants are still buzzing with demand. So check the list of the oldest eateries in Sharjah that every foodie should pin on its list.

7 Best Legendary Eateries In Sharjah

1. Al Arsa

Eateries In Sharjah
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Sharjah’s first-ever cafe, brought up in Al Arsa Souq, gets its name from the market itself. The century-old eatery has traditionally been serving people visiting from far lands. They have a very basic menu but it is difficult to overlook the affordability with the taste factor here. We recommend you try their Kheema and Khubz with Sulemani or Milk tea.

Where: Al Arsa Souq
When: 9am 1pm, 5 8pm
Price: AED 10

2. Al Mukhtar Bakery

Al-Mukhtar, a well-known breakfast destination for Sharjah residents is a favourite for those who enjoy savoury or sweet Middle Eastern pastries. In addition to being well-known for its manakeesh, this restaurant is also known for its iconic Mukhtar pie. This generational legacy has been serving Sharjah residents for over 40 years.

Where: Al Bustan Tower, Block B Al Etihad Road
When: 6 am to 4 pm
Price: AED 45

3. Al Afadhil

Eateries In Sharjah
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This eatery in Sharjah has won millions of foodies. People line up to enjoy a delicacy that has captured the hearts of a family for 40 years thanks to a secret recipe. The age-old kebab recipe started selling like hotcakes at AED 7 back then. Now you get one serving of kebabs for AED 13.

Where: Al Wahda St Industrial AreaAl Nahdha
When:11am 3pm, 6pm 12am
Price: AED 45

4. Shababeek

This eatery is a decade and a few years old. Settled in Sharjah in 2007, this restaurant is labelled as one of the best Lebanese restaurants. The menu here provides cuisines from the land of Mediterranean and Lebanon.

Where: Al Khan – Al Qasba
When: 8am- 12pm
Price: AED 220

5. Al Ashiyah

This legendary Peshwari eatery is famous for selling Chapli kebabs for Dhs5. The owner and chef Hafeez Ur Rehman has seen his past generations originate these special-tasting kebabs. They started this eatery in 1996 after coming from Pakistan to Sharjah.

Where: Al Sharq St, Blu Tina
When: 11am 3pm, 7pm 12am
Price: AED 20

6. Al Fanar

Al Fanar Restaurant brings back the flavour of authentic Emirati cuisine and the Emirati atmosphere of the 1960s. They offer breakfast all day, and their menu reflects their inspiration from Dubai’s many characteristics.

Where: Matajer Al Juraina
When: 9:00am to 10:00pm
Price: AED 30

7. Geetar Restaurant

Eateries In Sharjah
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This was one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Sharjah. The restaurant survived more than 4 decades and was the local’s favourite. The restaurant was 42 years old.

Where: Al Ghuwair
When: Closed
Price: AED 30

There are many other traditional and modern eateries in Sharjah to explore where you would be spoilt with choices.

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