7 Dubai Metro Fines You Need To Be Careful Of

by Saniya
by Saniya 211

Heading to the metro and you have made sure your NOL has sufficient credit so to avoid fines? Well, most of us are aware of the basic fines we need to take care of! Here are some fines that you may not be aware of:

1. Eating / Drinking

Grabbed a sandwich on your way to the metro to fill in before you head into the metro? Bad idea. Finish up your food and sip in your drink before you wave your Nol Card in front of the scanner. Eating or drinking on the platform or in the metro can cost you AED 100. Also, remember to spit out your chewing gum before boarding the metro premises.

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2. Sleeping

First up, don’t worry about missing out your in transit sleep in the morning as you travel from Rashidiya to UAE exchange. However be careful, dozing off in the waiting areas of the metro station can get you a fine of AED 300.

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3. Using Someone Else’s NOL Card

Just realized you may not have sufficient balance in your NOL card and were planning to borrow your friend’s? That shall not be a great idea if your friend has a personalized Blue NOL card. You will be earning a violation of AED 200 If caught with someone else’s NOL card.

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4. Blocking Luggage Access

The metro’s luggage area is for that- the luggage. Blocking the space in the rush hours can be an inconvenience to the passengers and earn you a fine of AED 100 as well! So be careful that you are not blocking the passway.

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5. Using An Expired Nol Card

Nol Silver & Gold cards are valid for 5 years from the date of issue. So if you have been using the same silver nol card for the past 5 years, you will have to renew it. Using expired Nol cards can set you back by AED 200.

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6. Putting Feet On Seats In Metro Stations And Trains

We know its tempting to rest your feet against the opposite chair. More so, when you have had a long day, and the seat is empty. But hold in! You wouldn’t be getting a clean & hygienic metro if everyone had their way. RTA tells you that putting feet on seats will cost you AED 100.

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7. Carrying Alcohol Beverages Inside The Train

A lesser-known fine- carrying alcoholic beverages inside the train is prohibited. So leave your beer at home because taking it by metro will cost you AED 500.

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So next time you take the metro journey, be careful!

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