7 Packing Hacks You Should Live By

by Jinal Inamdar
7 Packing Hacks You Should Live By

Wrinkle no shirt, leave no beauty product behind, pack those dirty shoes and still have room to spare for more! These 7 packing hacks will make your packing hassle a smooth trip, just before your travel!

1. Roll Your Clothes

Roll your clothes

When the packing gets tough, the tough gets rolling! Roll your t-shirts and other thinner clothes in order to save space, instead of stacking layers. This not just saves space, but gives you extra room to fit those extra pieces you want to carry along!

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2. Roll Multiple Pieces Into One

Roll multiple pieces
Roll multiple pieces into one

Even better, you could use this simple trick to roll three pieces of clothing into one tiny roll, and voila! 3 to 4 cloth rolls mean 9 to 12 pieces of clothing!

3. Roll Smaller Clothes Into Zip Lock Bags

Roll smaller clothes
Roll smaller clothes into zip lock bags

Small clothes can infact be rolled up into a zip-lock bag, that way you save those corner spaces of your suitcase for more pieces that you can fit.

4. Pack Used Shoes In A Shower Cap

Pack used shoes_shower cap
Pack used shoes in a shower cap

Confused about packing those dirty used shoes? We’ve got you covered! Get that shower cap, and dump your shoes in it. You could even roll your socks and place them inside the shoes, to avoid forgetting about them!

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5. Use Shirt Collar For Packing Your Belt

shirt collar_packing_ belt
Use shirt collar for packing your belt

Wrinkly shirt collar? No more! Roll up your belt and place it in the collar of your shirt and that way, your shirt collar will remain intact, also giving you space to pack your belt in.

6. Make-up hack

Make-up hack

It’s easy to lose your favourite lipstick in in suitcase-full of clothes. Worry not! You could pack lose make-up items like your lipsticks and eye pencils in a glasses-cover. A hard-case cover is preferable as this will avoid breaking of any make-up item and will also be very easy to find, just when you need it!

7. No More Leaks

No more leaks

Want to pack that nail polish remover, shampoo and other liquid toiletries, but afraid of it leaking through your clothes in the suitcase? You could put a cling wrap on your toiletries before you run its cap on, to avoid a single drop from leaking!


Happy packing!!


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