7 Restaurants In Mumbai That Serve The Best Sindhi Food Ever In 2020

by Natasha Monteiro
7 Restaurants In Mumbai That Serve The Best Sindhi Food Ever In 2020

If you start your day dreaming of deep-fried pakwans and aloo tuks then this article is for you. If your idea of a match made in heaven is kadhi and chaawal, then read on! There’s nothing like indulging in the greasy goodness of Sindhi food and here’s proof.

1. Guru Kripa, Sion

A no-frills place with the best samosas, this establishment is usually packed with college kids stuffing themselves with dal pakwan, chaap or paani puri. Not a place to dilly-dally, the staff will ensure that you get great kadhi-chawal and move along quickly. Do try their sev burfi as well.

Address: 40, Guru Kripa Building, Road 24, Near SIES College, Sion

Contact: 022 33716059

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2. Sindhful, Khar

The most obvious choice for Sindhi food across Mumbai. Sindhful, the brain child of Chef Kanchan Ahuja and her son Sannat Ahuja, started off in the form of a delivery-only kitchen model. It now has a full-fledged restaurant in Khar itself. Other than the regular Sindhi specials, the place also offers Macaroni Aalu, Bhee Ji Tikki, Dahi Vada, Sindhi Mutter Paneer, Bhengan Bhurta, Seyal Bhindi, Bhindi Basar, and Methi Aalu. YUMMERS!

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Koki with Chole, Boondi Raita & Papad

Address: Haji Mansion, 5th Road, Khar West, Khar, Mumbai

Contact: 022 33715923

3. VIG Refreshments, Chembur

What’s better than a restaurant seeped in history and deep fried food? VIG Refreshments was set up in 1952 and is as authentic it gets. They don’t serve ragda pattice. They serve masala-chana-stuffed cutlet. Do not leave without trying the chaap or the samosas which incidentally come with a side of Sindhi chole in onion-garam masala gravy.

Photo Courtesy – Trip Advisor

Address: Dr Chotiram Gidwani Road, Chembur Camp, Chembur (East)

Contact: 9820542200, 8286800000

4. Punjabi Moti Halwai, Fort

Highly recommended for a good ol’ fashioned Sindhi breakfast. I personally adore their Sindhi chaap (pattice) with chole. You know what they say, if you start the day right, everything goes right!

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Address: 40, Savla Chambers, Cawasji Patel Street, Fort

Contact: 022 22045678

5. Kailash Parbat, Andheri

New to Sindhi food? This is where you start. We recommend the koki. If this doesn’t make you fall in love with Sindhi cuisine, then try the aloo tuk. I started my Sindhi culinary journey with Kailash Parbat and I don’t regret it one bit. If you’re willing to be just a tad bit adventurous, try out the bhughal bhee aloo (lotus stem and potato).

Image courtesy: Burrp

Address: New Link Road, Andheri (west)

Contact: 022 22812112

6. Gopal’s Mutton And Chicken, Chembur

It may look like a hole-in-the-wall but we assure you that you aint gonna be leaving with a hole-in-the-pocket. Opt for their take-out and do not leave without the bheja and kheema pattices.

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Gopal's sandwich - a cutlet topped with spicy onion gravy and chutney
Image Courtesy: Anurag Banerjee

Address: Dr Chotiram Gidwani Road, Near Sattu Sweets, Chembur Camp, Chembur (East)

Contact: 022 25536668, 022 25535333

7. Tharu Mukhi Bhandar, Khar

Dive in for the Karachi halwa which is as chewy and as rich as it can get. On Sundays, they serve dal pakwan and kadhi. On all other days, enjoy their delicious sweets. Gheeyar and praghree are also a must-try.

Image Courtesy: Anurag Banerjee

Address: 7-8, Madhuban Bldg, Khar Pali Road, Khar (West)

Contact: 022 26462882, 9920553788


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