7 Shooting Locations Of MasterChef India Season 7

by Mallika Khurana
7 Shooting Locations Of MasterChef India Season 7

Master chef India has become a part of Indian households over seven seasons. The show started as an appreciation and recognition for home cooks and to give them a platform for turning their dreams into reality.

Now that the show has reached season 7, it would be right to say that the contestants are immensely talented and aware of all that is expected of them. With challenges getting tougher and more exciting every week, watching our favourite cooks struggle keeps us on the edge of our seats. If you have been following this season, you will know what we are talking about. Too much pressure, isn’t it?

The excitement reaches another level when the participants are asked to cook outside the kitchen. In this season as well, there were a few such instances similar to the time they cooked in food trucks. That was a great episode!

Here are the locations Masterchef India season 7 was shot at!

MasterChef India Season 7 Locations

1. Mumbai


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Primarily, the show is shot in Mumbai. The team’s stay, set, and kitchens were in Mumbai. One round of the show’s audition was also conducted in this city.

2. Hyderabad

The third round of Masterchef India auditions was conducted in the city of Hyderabad. On the 8th of October, the auditions took place at St. Ann’s College for Women in Santosh Nagar.

3. Delhi

Delhi was the second stop for season 7 auditions. On 1st October 2022, the auditions took place at Happy Model School in Janakpuri.

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4. Kolkata

Kolkata was actually the city where the first round of auditions was conducted. Starting on 24th September 2022, the auditions were held at the Institute of Hotel Management in Alipore.

5. Goa

Truly, the Goa episodes were the best of this season. Do you remember all that happened when the home cooks were competing in the kitchen of the iconic Thalassa? Even if your favourite team did not win that day, I’m sure that episode was memorable for you. We still can’t get that mezze platter out of our minds.

6. Yas Island, Abu Dhabi


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We all knew that Yas Island, Ahu Dhabi sponsored this season of Masterchef India. But who knew our home Cooks will be travelling there to cook? The 8 semi-finalists were given a tour of the island and it was so much fun. The difficult part came later when there were presented with the tricky challenge of preparing a cuisine inspired by Arabic street food. A truly legendary episode, indeed.

This season has been absolutely exciting, hasn’t it? What was your favourite part? Let us know in the comments below!

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