Spoiler Alert! MasterChef India Season 7 Winner’s Pictures Leaked. And The Winner Is….

by Sanjana Shenoy
Spoiler Alert! MasterChef India Season 7 Winner’s Pictures Leaked. And The Winner Is….

Entire India is waiting with bated breath as MasterChef India Season 7 is nearing the finale. Currently, Kamaldeep Kaur from Ludhiana has received the golden ticket to the finale. Aruna Vijay, Suvarna Bagul, Nayanjyoti Saikia, Sachin Khatwani and Gurkirat Singh Grover are battling out for their spots. Meanwhile, Netizens have actually found a leaked picture of the MasterChef India Season 7 winner’s picture. Spoiler Alert! And the winner is….

The Winner Of MasterChef India Season 7 Is….

A fan page on Twitter SUBHROPriyanka #endtak (@subuXtweetz) shared a leaked picture of the winner of MasterChef India Season 7. Despite the finale episode yet to air on Sony TV and SonyLIV, the spoiler is already out. And the show’s winner is *drumroll please*,  Nayanjyoti Saikia. The 26-year-old home cook from Assam is seen dressed in the finale special white chef’s coat with a gold collar and button. And in his hand is the MasterChef India’s coveted trophy. 

This tweet is captioned “NAYANJYOTI lifts the #masterchefindia 7 Trophy. Finally, the Ending was good. Congratulations to you nahhh Boy”. Nayanjyoti has a big smile on his face as he proudly holds the trophy. It appears that the other show crew members have wrapped the finale shoot. It’s inspiring to know that the home cook from Assam worked in a tea garden with his father. Before he became a contestant on the show, the self-trained cook wowed Instagram with his delicious recipes. 

Netizens Take To Twitter To Congratulate The Winner

On MasterChef India, Nayanjyoti impressed judges with his delicious take on chicken wings, his drool-worthy North-eastern food and his impeccable knowledge of flavours. In no time, the comments section of the tweet got filled with congratulatory messages for the 26-year-old winner. @rajeshkumarpv tweeted,”Really happy for him as he is the only deserving contestant with ‘good heart’ and ‘great cooking’ !” He went on to add that it’s amazing that a person learnt cooking by watching YouTube and even won the title.

@ArijeetGogoi states, “From my town. My bro’s classmate. Happy for him..” @KashyapiPalicha comments “I m happy that they didn’t make Aruna the winner. The way it is going I thought they will declare Aruna ji the winner even if she makes khichdi in the finale.” Earlier, Netizens took to Twitter to complain about the “partiality” shown towards vegetarian Aruna Vijay during a challenge as the judges— Ranveer Brar, Vikas Khaana and Garima Arora— gave her the freedom to cook with paneer in a mutton challenge.

Meanwhile, what do you think about Nayanjyoti Saikia emerging as the winner of the competition? Also, what if this is just to misguide us from the real winner? Let’s hope that’s not the case! 
Cover Image Courtesy: @ranveerbrar/ Twitter