80% Of Expats Found It Easy To Shift To India; 33% Indians Faced Problems Upon Relocation Abroad

by Shreya Ghosh
80% Of Expats Found It Easy To Shift To India; 33% Indians Faced Problems Upon Relocation Abroad

Millions of people from different corners of the world shift to new places and settle down every year. Relocating to a new city within the country or abroad is always such an overwhelming experience. Starting a life from scratch in a new place without knowing a single soul seems a bit intimidating at first but the entire process starts getting better and smoother as time passes along. The experiences are drastically different depending on the location. A study shares how Indians and foreigners feel after shifting to international locations and India respectively.

The Research Has Been Conducted For HSBC

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The study has been conducted among Indians and expats moving to their destinations. Ipsos UK has surveyed more than 7,000 adults in 9 foreign places in a span of over a month. They conducted it from 5 December 2022 to 23 January 2023. This research focuses on various factors that are responsible for these residents to relocate to a new location and experience that homely feeling, the sense of truly belonging to that place. The experiences of living in that location, people who have plans to relocate, and also people who have returned have shared their viewpoints for this survey. Expats, digital nomads, and international students have also participated in this, according to the press release.

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The Shifting Experiences Have Been Easy For The Expats

Overseas citizens who have shifted to India found it quite convenient and easy to relocate and settle down here. According to this study, 80% of expat families did not even take a year to properly settle down and start a new beginning. While the global average time estimation to experience a sense of belonging is 8.3 months, the average time period in India is 7.4 months.

  • 36% of international families felt like they are at home immediately.
  • 23% took less than 6 months to make it a home.
  • 21% took time somewhere between half a year and a year to feel like being at home.
  • 69% of overseas people found proper schools for their children easily.

Indians Felt Problems To Settle Down In Abroad

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The scenario is very different for Indians relocating to a foreign location. Indians have faced several obstacles to building that house into a home and experiencing that homely feeling in a new city.

  • 33% of Indians did not get the feeling of being local after relocating.
  • 31% were not even sure if they truly belong there.

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