83-YO Man, Who Got Canada PR After Years, Falls Sick On Air Canada Flight, Dies After Landing

by Shreya Ghosh
83-YO Man, Who Got Canada PR After Years, Falls Sick On Air Canada Flight, Dies After Landing

In a recent shocking incident, a passenger lost his life while flying to Montreal from Delhi with Air Canada. His daughter was also travelling on that flight and she accused the airline of showing carelessness that might led to the tragic passing away of the 83-year-old man. What really happened en route that resulted in something so tragic? Let’s get to know about the incident here.

The Man Started Experiencing Severe Symptoms Inside The Flight

Air Canada
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Shanu Pande, the woman passenger, lives in Ontario. She and her father, Harish Pant, were in Delhi and boarded an Air Canada flight to travel to Canada back in September. Both father and daughter departed from the Indian capital and were having a proper air journey until the 83-year-old started feeling sick and facing some symptoms. They were flying over Europe after about 7 hours of the journey and this was when things started going south.

Shockingly, he started experiencing back pain, chest pain, vomiting issues, no control over bowel movement, and he could not even stand up, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Seeing her father in such a severe crisis, Shanu requested the Air Canada crew to arrange something so that she could take her father to a hospital and let the doctors treat him at the earliest. She requested them to divert the flight and make an emergency landing, according to a report by India Today.

But the crew did not listen to her requests. The Air Canada flight from Delhi to Montreal went ahead according to the scheduled plans and flew for over 9 hours after the passenger on board fell sick. After landing at the Montreal Airport following a journey of almost 17 hours, he was taken to a team of paramedics for his treatment. Unfortunately, he passed away while they were checking him.

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Woman Passenger Blamed Air Canada For Reasons Behind Her Father’s Passing Away

Air Canada
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

We can only imagine how Shanu must have felt seeing her father falling sick and going through such severe health symptoms in front of her eyes without any medical treatment. She has accused Air Canada of refusing to see how her father was experiencing without any professional medical care. Pande added how the airline did not recognise all these as life-threatening symptoms. She blamed the airline for neglecting everything and how this might be the reason behind her father’s tragic death. Shanu called the crew inhumane and callous.

Shanu also shared how she had been waiting for this holiday to Delhi for a long time. She travelled to Delhi to bring Harish Pant to Canada. He got his permanent residency status in Canada so he was travelling to the international destination.

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A spokesperson of Air Canada came forward to talk about this big allegation and the chaos regarding the incident. Peter Fitzpatrick shared that the cabin crew followed all the procedures when it came to such medical emergencies inside a flight.

This is dreadful news for the family. Sending our condolences to his family and friends.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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