86 Percent Of Employees In India May Plan To Resign In Next 6 Months: Survey

by Sanmita A
86 Percent Of Employees In India May Plan To Resign In Next 6 Months: Survey

Ever since the pandemic, the work culture has immensely changed in all sectors around the world. Today, employees seek work-life balance, rather than chasing money and luxury. Employees, now prefer to resign rather than comply with the demands of undue pressure at work. And this trend started amid the pandemic and is likely to continue. A survey revealed that 86% of employees plan to resign in the next six months.

The survey was conducted by a noted organisation in over 12 countries and India has the maximum number of employees who are likely to resign in the next few months, followed by Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia.

Here’s What We Gathered About Employees Who Would Resign And Why!

  • Around 61% of employees in India are ready to work for lower salaries and even let go of better opportunities to maintain a work-life balance.
  • Around 11% of employees who resign or are likely to resign state work-life balance as the key reason of their decision.
  • Resignations will continue to occur in 2022 regardless of the market, industry, position in the company and even age groups.
  • As mentioned, 86% of employees will resign in the next six months.
  • More than 40% of people are out of work for more than 6 months.

The survey company believes that this trend of employee resignation is likely to continue in years to come. And, quoted pandemic as the reason behind this big change in the job industry.

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The survey organisation also believes that as employers the industry must be ready to fight such a situation as it will only intensify with time. Covid-19 related regulations and changes have also been a major reason behind employee dissatisfaction.

Top Reasons Behind Employees’ Resignation

The Survey organisation also stated a few reasons behind why employees are calling it quits, and not even trying.

  • Employees are making a career progression
  • Employees are unhappy with their employers’ work strategy
  • They are also dissatisfied with the company’s direction
  • Or, employees are choosing to change their role or industry
  • And likeliest of all, employees are immensely unhappy with their salaries

Which Sector Employees Are Likely To Resign?

Public or government sector employees are more likely to quit their jobs rather than in the private sector.

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